In the year 115, shortly after Rowena Nightshade passed on her mantle of power 
to the new Queen of the Night, Lady Viravain asked a simple tae'dae warrior if 
he planned to travel the path of the Shadowdancers. He was a warrior armed 
with flails and explained to the Lady Viravain that he sought a guild of 
warriors to protect the Glomdoring, to take up arms in battle where needed. 
Finding much wisdom in the words of the bear, Viravain decreed that it would 
be so, and asked what this group of warriors would be called. Shocked and 
amazed, the tae'dae said the first name that came to his mind, and that name 
was 'Ebonguard'. And so it came to pass that this most unlikely of tae'daes, 
whose name was Daganev Treeripper, founded the Ebonguard and took the title of 
Merciless Chieftain of the Ravenwood. The Ebonguard attracted many who had 
sought out the newly founded commune of Glomdoring, banding together as a 
tribe of fierce warriors. Using steel and might along with the teachings of 
the Great Totem Spirits, the Ebonguard embodies the Spirit of the Ebonglom 
Wyrm. But what this truly means remains an enigma to those outside of this 
fledgling guild. Are the Ebonguard brutal merciless warriors or deep pondering 
mystics? Do they care only for Nature or only to enhance their own power? The 
answer perhaps can only be found deep within the Mysteries of the Ebonglom 
Wyrm itself. 

The Ebonguard is a Warrior archetype and thus able to choose Knighthood as 
their primary skill, though they may specialise upon reaching mastery as a
Blademaster, Bonecrusher, Pureblade, Axelord, or Cavalier. Like all warriors,
they can learn Athletics as their secondary skill. They may also devote
themselves to the Totems and choose to either specialise in Night or Crow.
Alternatively instead of Totems, they may choose Hunting and specialize in