The Cantors are bards of the City of New Celest, singing the hymns and 
prayers of the Supernals in great reverence to Their glory. Founded on the 
22nd of Tzarin, 160CE, the guild was born under Raflein's poem, his voice 
awakening the remnants of Rhapsody, whose essence is infused with all of 
the Cantors.

Wielding their holy instruments in hand, members of this Guild play songs 
of reverence to the Supernals, compounding the strength and glory of 
Celest in their lyrics. With songs that bespeak of hope and love, of 
courage and justice, and of light made incarnate, the Cantors play with 
such fervour and accuracy as to send Angels into a passionate frenzy, or 
inspire allies to achieve greatness.

The Cantors are a bard archetype guild, and are able to choose either 
Highmagic or Lowmagic. Their primary skill is that of Music, and they go 
on to specialise in Starhymn, the holy songs of Celest and Celestia. 
Acrobatics is the training of muscles and reflexes, which acts as a Bard's 
secondary skillsets. The Cantors can then take either Dramaturgy, Tarot or Illusions as their tertiary skillset.