As anticipation and curiosity arose in the city of Magnagora, the black
orb that hung over the Megalith of Doom was suddenly awakened by Aia
y'Kada and her words hailing the strength of the Engine of
Transformation. Awakening the Dead Voice of Jagrerox, the Cacophony was
founded in the year of 159 C.E.

From those who wield instruments to bring about the death of their
enemies to those who play for raptured audiences to strengthen their
allies, the Cacophony builds upon the strength and culture of Magnagora.
With violas, lyres, mandolins, or other stringed musical instruments at
their disposal, they have the power to send demonic beings from Nil into
an attacking frenzy or cause a plague of ill fate towards their enemies.
Bringing about the destruction of all who stand in their way, they walk
a fine line of music and death, lore and taint.

The Cacophony is a bard archetype guild. They can choose to follow
either LowMagic or HighMagic. Their main skill is Music with
specialization in the tainted music of Necroscream; their secondary
guild skill is Acrobatics. Members of this guild can choose between the
skills of Dramaturgy, Tarot or Illusions.