Deep in the heart of the Glomdoring Forest, the Song of Dark Returning lay 
dormant for many, many years. In the early years of Glomdoring reawakened, 
Crow began to appear with Brennan Stormcrow in the dreams. Brennan, whole and 
handsome, spoke to the commune of the Song, slowly revealing hints and 
eventually leading the whole commune to search for it. Uncovering the words, 
many of the commune's guildless druids agreed to sing the Song, hoping it 
would reawaken Crow, so that he might teach one to lead the druids on a new, 
uncertain path. After many unsuccessful tries, Glomdoring was informed that 
they must choose amongst themselves who the Chosen of Crow would be, and they 
would be handed the spine of a feather to open the way to the Dark Nest. After 
some debate and discussion, Bau Sayelle-Gladheart was eventually chosen to be 
the first Eye of Crow, and sang the Song of Dark Returning which gave birth to 
the Blacktalon Guild.

The Blacktalon are a druid archetype, thus, they are required to take LowMagic 
as a common skill before being able to study Nature magic. Once having mastered
Nature magic, they then specialize in either druidry or Wyrdenwood. Their main
secondary skill is Totems, which once mastered allows them to specialize in the
Crow totem. Blacktalon druids may choose Runes or Dreamweaving or Hunting (with
the specialization of Ecology) or Shamanism as their final skill, and may take
Alchemy as their trade skill.