THE ALCHEMY SKILL (Trade) - Lusternia Online Help


Only bards practiced in low magic, or those who have learned the nature skill 
may learn the alchemist's trade. Alchemy is the process of amalgamating certain 
herbs, and sometimes minerals, into a variety of highly useful potions and 
purgatives. Once you have acquired the necessary ingredients from an 
herbalist, you must find an alembic to use. First, ADD <ingredient> into the 
alembic and then AMALGAMATE <potion> to create the brew. It's always a good 
idea to FLUSH ALEMBIC after each working to make sure it is pristinely clean. 
You may only create up to ten batches of any specific potion by adding the 
proportional number of ingredients. To remove finished potions from an 
alembic, you must have an empty vial in your inventory, then simply FILL VIAL.
Upon mastering the Alchemy skillset, a bard may choose to learn Brewmeister,
while members of guilds that teach the nature skill may choose to learn Lorecraft.