THE AETHERCRAFT SKILL (Common) - Lusternia Online Help


Aethercraft is a branch of planar magic that involves the ability to merge 
with an algontherine entity and manipulate an aethership. In order to learn 
the Aethercraft skill, you must either own a ship, or a ship owner (captain) 
must give you permission to use their ship's modules. There are three basic 
aethercraft functions which relate to the basic modules: 

Command Chair: Piloting the aethercraft, including joining armadas, 
transversing to other planes, and ramming other ships. The "pilot" branch
of aethercraft.

Empathic Grid: Healing hull damage as well as module damage. Also 
communicating and scans are done through the empathic grid. The "empath" 
branch of aethercraft.

Battle Turret: The ability to use a battle turret to fight aethermonsters as 
well as other ships. The "combateer" branch of aethercraft.

Aethercraft uses a type of learning called 'proficiencies' in relation to the
three main branches of aethercraft skills (commander, empath, combateer) 
corresponding to the above modules. The more you use the skills corresponding
with a branch of aethercraft, the more your proficiency in that branch rises.
However, the more you focus on one proficiency, there is a chance that you
will lose proficiency in the other branches. Thus, it is not feasible to
have 100% proficiency in all three branches. SHIP PROFICIENCIES will show
you where your proficiencies stand.