TERENTIA, THE EVEN BLADED - Lusternia Online Help


Having been trapped in the Void for some time after trying to help find other
Elder Ones that had not yet found the Beacon, Terentia has returned to
the Basin of Life once more through the assistance of the circle of Thinkers. 
Stoic and commanding, Terentia takes combat very seriously but prefers careful
strategy to chaotic bloodfests and excels in creating and maintaining tactical
advantages. Terentia was once the second hand of Meridian. Both were fierce
warriors of the Elder Gods and fought many hard battles against the Soulless.
Because of this old partnership, Terentia looks favourably upon those of the
Merian race, acknowledging in them the spark that was once Meridian. Those
that utilise said spark and allow it to blossom into its fullest potential find
Terentia's benevolence upon them while those that twist it in the darkest of
ways find Her contempt to be swift and unyielding. 
She is wholly against the taint being that it originated from the Soulless Gods
and Her degree of contempt for those that succumb to the taint daunting in its
severity. She holds equal hatred for Fain, the traitor that betrayed the Elder
Gods and nearly sacrificed Them to the Soulless. Disgusted by the touch of
Kethuru upon Lusternia, Terentia seeks to ensure that the Soulless never touch
the land again, and that their mark be removed from all forms of Life. 
The Light she views with great favor as it is those of the Light that healed 
Her upon Her return to Lusternia. The ideals of the Light are also akin to Her
own and thus She finds an alliance logical and beneficial to both parties. 
She is uncompromising in Her ideals and expectations and as such only accepts
followers who have exhibited moral fibre, intelligence, wisdom, dedication to
strengthening themselves, and a similar regard for the Basin and distaste for
the Taint, the Soulless, and Fain. Despite Her dedication, Terentia is not a
savage Goddess and finds equally important the ability to curb bloodthirst and
balance a goal with wisdom, patience, and restraint. Taking the title of Even
Bladed, She weighs Her decisions carefully and expects the same of those who
follow Her. 
Terentia's mark is that of glowing white scales formed by two interlocking
crisscrossing swords.