SNUBBING - Lusternia Online Help


There are times when some people are just too much. For those times, we have
the SNUB command. Once you have begun snubbing someone, neither of you will be
able to use targetted emotes on the other, send tells to the other, send
messages to each other, send mail to each other, or hear what each other is
saying. In short, snub blocks all communication with that person.

If someone has snubbed you, we request that you respect their wish not to
communicate with you. Similarly, if you have snubbed someone, it is your
responsibility to not attempt to communicate with the person you have snubbed.


SNUB <person>
  - Starts ignoring someone. 

  - See a list of who you are snubbing. 
  - Your snub list is limited to 30 people.

UNSNUB <person> 
  - Stops ignoring someone if you're already ignoring that person.

  - Removes everyone from your snub list.

You may not change your snub/unsnub setting with any particular person too
often. If you try, you'll be told you can't yet, since you changed too
recently. Try again a bit later!