SHOPS - Lusternia Online Help


Once you've made some money, it will undoubtedly be burning a hole in your
pocket, and you'll want to invest it in clothing or a backpack, or healing
elixirs, or any other of the staples of an adventurer.

In your meanderings through the cities and villages of Lusternia, you will find
that many fine merchants inhabit the land. When in a location that looks as if
it may be a shop (Last Chance Trading Post, for instance), WARES will tell you
if it is. If it is a shop, it will also show you whom the proprietor of the
shop is, and what is for sale.

Sample WARES output:

Proprietor: Trader Bob
         pie13485: a lemon pie                                     2    500gp
        pike61672: a pike                                          5    300gp
      rapier20480: an ornate steel rapier                          5   2000gp
       vial122778: an potion of healing (ruby vial)               21   1000gp
    colewort23488: a group of 10 colewort leaves                  27    100gp

The first field on a line is the named used to purchase the item. The
second is a description of what the item is. The third tells how many of
the item are currently in stock. The last field is the price of the item
in question.

It's often the case that many items are stocked in a shop. It's easy
to look for precisely what you want. Simply use WARES <something> to
search the wares list for something. For example WARES SWORD will show
you the sword-like items, and WARES TROUSER will show you what trousers
the shopkeeper is offering.

BUY vial122778, for instance, would purchase a ruby vial containing a potion 
of health. BUY 7 PIKE would purchase 7 pikes.

Also, there are many wandering merchants throughout the lands. If
you happen to meet one, try asking them what they may be selling:
   ASK <merchant> WARES [<something>]