SHOP MARKETING - Lusternia Online Help


Manse shop owners may spend gold on marketing their manses to make their manse shop show up earlier in the PORTAL SEARCH SHOPS <item> listings. Here's how it works.

  Do this from in your manse shop stockroom to see what your current
  marketing budget is.

  This lets you spend gold to set a marketing budget.  Gold is spent
  immediately, and once you set a marketing budget, you cannot reduce
  it.  (You can increase it later, and will only be charged for the

At the end of the year, the marketing budget you spent the previous year determines your shop's ranking. The shop that spent the most will be ranked first, and so on. Ties (including amongst all shops that didn't spend at all) will be broken by the manse's number. If you spent any gold on marketing, you'll get a message telling you your shop's ranking for the next year, but you won't be told what anyone else's marketing budget was.

For the entire next year, the manse's ranking will determine where it appears on any PORTAL SEARCH SHOPS <item> listing. 

Marketing budgets are entirely optional. If you choose not to spend any gold, your manse will still be listed; it'll just be listed below those who did.