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During the Era of the Wounded Sky, the Great Spirit known as the Tree of Trees gave a seed of itself which became the Ail'an Gloria, also known as the Giving Tree, which helped protect the forests from the perverted weather. When the Soulless God Zenos was released, the Ail'an Gloria sought aid from the druids. Answering the call were Sondayga Zayah from Hartstone and Vadi Stormcrow and Kylsiu from Blacktalon. The druids joined their spirits with the Ail'an Gloria as it sacrificed itself and healed the sky.

The trio of druids carried with them a portion of the essence of the Ail'an Gloria, which was its final gift. They found they were able to manipulate the weather and tap into the rhythms of nature itself, which translated into visions of the past, present and future.