SECOND CHARACTERS - Lusternia Online Help


Second/alternate characters (also known as "alts") in Lusternia are allowed, but a higher standard for roleplaying will generally be imposed upon those who play multiple characters. Furthermore, using one for the purpose of helping the other is not allowed.

There is no limit to the number of characters you may create and play in Lusternia as long as you observe these three general rules:

1) Only one character may be logged in at a time (see HELP MULTIPLAYING).

2) All characters must be registered to the same e-mail address. Characters registered to different e-mails may be automatically and permanently shrubbed.

3) No character may ever help any other character in ANY WAY.

Prohibited activities include, but are not limited to:

  * Dropping gold/items from one character and then logging in on another character to pick up the loot.
  * Mailing gold/items from one character to another.
  * Transferring a manse from one character to another, or using an intermediate player to transfer the manse between two characters.
  * Voting in the same election, referendum or similar with more than one character.
  * Joining the same family as another one of your characters.
  * Favouring/promoting an alt in a guild or organisation.
  * Any other activity that helps an alt.

*** IT IS HIGHLY ADVISED THAT YOU DO NOT HAVE TWO ACTIVE SECONDS IN THE SAME CITY OR COMMUNE. *** Having multiple characters in the same city or commune increases that chances of violating the seconds rules, even inadvertently.

The usual punishment for this is quite severe - loss of one or both characters through permanent shrubbing or erasure being quite common.


*** Note. When creating a second character you may use the SPEEDUP command in the newbie intro to make things go along a bit faster.