ROLEPLAYING POINTS - Lusternia Online Help


As you go about your business in Lusternia, you may get messages that your character's strength of personality has decreased. This results from actions that are considered poor roleplaying.

Using HONOURS on a player will show you what the strength of their personality is considered to be. This information is found directly under their ranking, and may say something like, "He is of acceptable character" or, "He is a refreshingly credible character."

Having a poor rolepoint ranking will reduce the length of the emotes you can perform, increase the amount of experience you lose from various things, and decrease the amount you get from various things. Having a good rolepoint ranking will do the opposite. Also, low rolepoints will have the following ramifications:

   Refreshingly credible:  Unable to take on proteges if a mentor.
   Credible and below:     No shouts or market channel privileges.
   Dubious and below:      No city or commune channel privileges.
   Questionable and below: No guild channel privileges. 

If you have lost rolepoints, then you will find that you regenerate them slowly over time - increasing a little each day.

Some things that might lose you rolepoints
   Out-of-character shouts or news posts.
   Abusing channels.
   Breaking channel rules.
   Taking on silly titles.
   Being AFK (see HELP AFK). 
   Acting without regard for the history of your character.
   Using real world references of any kind.
   If it doesn't exist in Lusternia, it's OOC.

   Shouting using the word(s) lag or lagbeast. You can do better than that!
   Mentioning real world musical groups, countries, political parties,
     the internet, etc. in shouts or posts or on guild or city channels.
   Mentioning ISSUES in shouts or posts or on guild or city channels.