These dingbats were available in the past, but are currently out of production.
They may or may not return in the future.

o Talking Dolls (15 dingbats)
  - Permanent and resets to owner
  - These chatty dolls will keep you entertained for hours. Choose from:
    + Nifilhema Doll (pull doll)
    + Elohora Doll (comfy doll)
    + Luna Doll (tickle doll)
    + Glumki Doll (poke doll)
    + Gwyllgi Doll (pet doll)
    + Selene Doll (caress doll)
    + Raziela Doll (squeeze doll)
    + Ashtorath Doll (slap doll)
    + Leprechaun Doll (poke doll)
    + Lhiannan Doll (caress doll)
    + Albion Doll (tug doll)
    + Methrenton Doll (rally doll)
    + Luciphage Doll (cower doll)
    + Japhiel Doll (sagenod doll)
    + Crow Doll (chirp doll)
    + White Hart Doll (genuflect doll)
    + Baalphegar's Tome Doll (doom doll)
    + Scuchidira Tliwx Doll (frag doll)
    + Cririk Adom Doll (incline doll)
    + Gorgulu Doll (tentacles doll)
    + Shakiniel Doll (huzzah doll)
    + Abeytu Doll (grumble doll)
    + Ebonglom Wyrdling Doll (brood doll)
    + Amethyst Generator Doll (squeeze doll)
    + Guardian Drachou Doll (kowtow doll)
    + Shimotabi Doll (sagenod doll)
    + Diamond Generator Doll (squeeze doll)
    + Emperor Ladantine Doll (kissfoot doll)
    + Princess Marilynth Doll (genuflect doll)
    + Miakoda Doll (joy doll)
    + Rowena Nightshade Doll (fakesmile doll)
    + Doctor Xaviar Snapfuse Doll (shakefist doll)
    + Chuchip Doll (beckon doll)
    + Grutina Doll (cackle doll)
    + Altaira Doll (soothe doll)
    + Necromentate Doll (poke doll)
    + Dracnari Dreamer Doll (belch doll)
    + Ruby Generator Doll (squeeze doll)
    + Roxie Wingnut Doll (cuckoo doll)
    + Mother Moon Doll (gaze doll)
    + Mother Night (fakesmile doll)
    + Emerald Generator Doll (squeeze doll)
    + Meleris Doll (pat doll)
    + Ardrak Doll (sneer doll)
    + Ellie Tooter Doll (pardon doll)
    + Perriwinkle Sweetpease (beam doll)
    + Toma, a centaur colt (frolic doll)
    + Black-Feathered Harpy (sneer doll)
    + Wakabi Postman (nudge doll)
    + Shalmae, the Steel Magnolia (incline doll)
    + Beatific Cherub (giggle doll)
    + Mischievous Imp (grin doll)
    + Kioul, Culinary Warrior (waha doll)
    + Ribbachi (pat doll)
    + Max Coldsteel (smirk doll)
    + Guido Bondshredder (brag doll)
    + Butter Sweetpease (hmm doll) 
    + Master Quettle doll (contemplate doll)

o Undervault Transplanar Contrivances (300 dingbats)
  - Permanent and resets to owner
  - Lets you move to one location instantly 
  - It can only be used from the prime, ethereal or elemental planes
  - Same limitations as a cubix or prism EXCEPT it can also be used in 
    The Undervault whether or not you are outdoors
  - Syntax: TOUCH <item>
  - Choose from:
    + Pound of Raw Flesh (goes to Great Illithoid Prison)
    + Gleaming Wax Cube (goes to Chamber of the Queen of Queens)

o Bouncing Vials (40 dingbats)
  - Permanent and resets to owner
  - A type of arcane vial which cause any liquid poured into it to double
    the number of sips for the vial (up to a maximum of 110 sips).
  - They never decay.
  - They fill up to their maximum holding capacity, in the case of
    potions, while only using the same amount of potion it would take to
    fill a normal vial.
  - For poisons, it will double the amount extracted (though the total
    sips is still dependent upon the skill of the poisoner).
  - As the name suggests, when dropped they will bounce back up into
    your hand!

o Chaos Hamster Plushie (75 dingbats)
  - Usable once per Lusternian month
  - Will randomly fling you to a random room in your area

o Transplanar Torus (1500 dingbats)
  - Permanent and resets to owner
  - Syntax: TOUCH
  - Works exactly like a cubix but takes you to a personal room.
  - Personal room has 6 exits of your choice with the following limitations: 
    1) The exit must be to a known plane, not a manse or aetherbubble
    2) It cannot exit into a commune, city or village
    3) It cannot exit within five rooms of an avatar-flagged denizen 
       related to a city or commune 
    4) All exits will be subject to approval by the admin at their sole 
NOTE: THIS IS IN ADDITION TO NORMAL CUBIX EXITS (the special room has a down exit to the higher planar fulcrux as well as the 6 custom exits)