RESURRECTION - Lusternia Online Help


Not all deaths need result in a visit to the Fates (see HELP PRAYING). There 
are other ways to return to life, or to avoid death entirely!

Vitae Potions

The most widely used method of avoiding death is through the use of a vitae 
potion. Only the most skilled Alchemists can brew the vitae potion, and vials 
of it tend to be expensive. When sipped, the vitae potion will immediately 
drain you of ten power, but you will gain a defence which lasts until you are 
next killed. On death, your body will immediately reform and you will return 
to life (with all your available power consumed once more). Sometimes this may 
be less than helpful, as the vicious gravedigger who killed you the first time 
will just kill you again! Othertimes, it may be all you need to make good your 

If you are killed on prime by another player and you are resurrected by the 
Vitae potion, this will count as a death for the purposes of the Avenger. HELP 
AVENGER for more details.


Once slain, your body will lie broken on the ground and your soul will rise 
out of it. Slowly, your mental reserves will tick away, and when they have 
gone, your experience will drain out of you in its place, unless you pray for 
salvation and the Fates save you. But, hold on! If a friend or ally finds your 
body, they can drag it to their Nexus and IMMOLATE your BODY, and you will 
return to life. Depending on the status of their Nexus, this may drain 100 
power from the organisation, and often the cities or communes may have 
stringent use about who qualifies for an immolation and who does not. If you 
are unsure about whether you are allowed to immolate another, you had best 
check on your city or commune aether, lest you bear the brunt of the 
leadership's displeasure.


The greatest adepts of Planar magic may learn the mysteries of conglutination. 
If slain on any of the outer planes (i.e. not on the Prime Material Plane), 
their souls will be drawn to the nexus at which they are tied and their bodies 
will reform.

Other forms of Resurrection

There are many other forms of resurrection. To name but a few:

 -  the Tainted City of Magnagora has mastered necromancy to such an extent
    that its citizens may cheat death, rising as liches after they are slain;
 -  New Celest's Celestines and Paladins may resurrect bodies brought to them,
    and may sacrifice their own lives for the souls of others; similarly
 -  there exist puissant Amulets of Resurrection which may raise
    the dead, and the Avatars of the Gods may sometimes reinvigorate the
    fallen, though at great cost to themselves.