RAEZON, THE FORBIDDEN - Lusternia Online Help


Forbidden temptations of knowledge, arcane magics long thought forgotten, 
and the pursuit of the undiscovered in each despite moral limitations, 
these are the hallmarks of Raezon. Not content with merely the natural, 
the truly sacrosanct hold no boundaries for the depths of His thirst for 
the unknown. Transcending the planes in His quest, He seeks only those 
within the upper echelons of intelligence to fuel His intent to gain the 
knowledge of the Soulless Gods themselves. Those that hold true to His 
calling are scattered throughout the cities and communes as He accepts all 
those who wish to truly ascend to a higher understanding. The underlying 
edges of reason are mere playthings in His quest, and He will sacrifice 
anything and everything in His path to attainment. 

His symbol is an argent pentacle inscribed with blue flame.