PREPARATION FOR COMBAT - Lusternia Online Help


One of the most important parts of combat is being properly prepared for it.
Without some certain basic equipment, you have no hope of succeeding against
any competent opponent.

This document will only cover equipment and defences that is not
class-specific. Further, though a few offensive aspects of combat will be
covered, generally-speaking, your primary offensive abilities are
class-specific and are covered in the help files for the skills associated
with that class.

A short list of basic equipment that you'll need follows. It isn't complete,
but it is a start.

a potion of health    : heals your health
a potion of mana      : heals your mana
a potion of bromide   : heals your ego

Some of these of the basic things are only available depending on what 
choices you make in your skills:

Pentagram (HighMagic) : protects you against many physical attacks
Circle (LowMagic)     : protects you against many physical attacks
Nullify (LowMagic)    : destroys an opponent's pentagram
Malkuth (HighMagic)   : protects you from summoning to some extent
potion of vitae       : resurrects you immediately upon death
Hexagram (HighMagic)  : will drag people out of the sky
quicksilver elixir    : increases your ability to avoid some physical attacks
faeleaf               : a plant that, when smoked, creates an anti-weapon field
armour                : what kind to get will depend on your class.
a weapon              : useful for inflicting venoms on people, if you have 
                        the envenom ability in the combat skillset, and, 
                        of course, for dealing out damage.

When fighting warriors, it is important to be aware of the general combat 
skill and take a stance when engaging one of these dangerous fighters. 
Stances will help protect individual or groups of bodyparts depending on 
which stance you take.