POSES - Lusternia Online Help

18.8 POSES

Poses are a feature of Lusternia, adding a special touch to what you see when you look in a room with other players. Poses come in two types, normal and targeted. If you target someone, they will no longer appear in the room as normal - both of you will appear in the same line. 

For example, if Narsrim were to do HOLDHANDS MURPHY all in the room would see, "Narsrim and Murphy are here, holding hands." Murphy would not appear otherwise in the room. Poses CAN target denizens as well, but they will still appear in the room as they normally would.

Poses will end if you or your target move from the room. If you wish to end a pose before that, you just need to UNPOSE. Note if a targeted pose was done, either party may UNPOSE to end it. Poses will only appear if nothing else would normally change your look, such as sitting or sleeping.