Nestled within the wild peaks of the Razine Mountains, the valley known only as the Plaxios Lowlands was once a verdant and bountiful land, an easy peace having been maintained between the native inhabitants and the elite scientists of the Holy Celestine Empire led by Senior Researcher Juryk Plaxios. Yet the increasingly controversial nature of the Empire's research introduced discord, and the two groups were brought into conflict. In a single, terrible event, Plaxios' latest project overloaded and transformed the valley into a broken and twisted land plagued by horrific beasts and wildly unpredictable weather. Centuries passed and the truth of the expedition faded into the obscurity of time and bureaucracy, until Odethi Plaxios, a direct descendent of Juryk, rediscovered her ancestors notes and set out to complete his work... but she would not do so unopposed. The Anas'im'aeklas, a coven comprised of the Lowlands' native descendents and led by the powerful Thalafir Oakvine, has dedicated themselves to preventing the fate of their home from spreading to engulf the entire Basin, no matter the cost. After being so long neglected, the secluded sanctuary now finds itself the center of another hard-fought conflict. Which faction will ultimately persevere?