Pinky Puddlegum can be found in the gnome aethership, the Starhopper,
accessible via the glowing portal in the Aetherplex upon Avechna's Peak.

Note: Some of these items are limited edition and will not always be 
available during every promotional campaign.


o Eyepatch of the Aethers (200 dingbats)
 - Eliminates the loss of aethercraft proficiency.

o Fesix Bandolier (100 dingbats)
 - The fesix bandolier will hold up to 10 vials/bottles and allow you to
    link each vial to no less than two liquids, even if a teardrop sigil
    is not attached. If the vial is an artifact, it will be able to link to a
    stunning seven liquids!

o Buckle Diamonut (100 dingbats)
 - Allows for quickly locking and unlocking the module to which it is attached.
  - ATTACH <diamonut> TO <module>

o Protean Spider (75 dingbats)
 - Can be extracted once per Lusternian month for a random poison fill.

o Smoker's Pouch (50 dingbats)
 - Once every Lusternian month, this pouch will fill up with 30 smokeable

o Charm of Clangoru (60 dingbats)
 - Decreases the effect of alcohol upon the system!
 - Nullifies the effect of alcohol withdrawal.

o Chromapen (100 dingbats)
 - Allows you to use illusory script in any environment!
 - Syntax: WRITE ON AIR <color> <text>

o Snoefaasia Skates (150 dingbats)
  - When worn, reduces the chance of slipping in icy rooms

o Watering Can (100 dingbats)
  - Lets you WATER PLANTS to enhance their growth (stacks with nature grow)

o Dowsing Rod (75 dingbats)
  - ACTIVATE the dowsing rod to turn a manse room to a freshwater room.
  - Can only be used once.

o Cactus Mini (75 dingbats)
  - ACTIVATE the cactus to turn a manse room to a desert room.
  - Can only be used once.

o Beach Ball (75 dingbats)
  - ACTIVATE the beach ball to turn a manse room to a beach room.
  - Can only be used once.

o Beast Toys (50 dingbats)
  - POINT AT <beast> to set it to your beast.
  - DROP <toy> in room with beast who will play with it.
  - Different types of toys:
    - Bouncy ball
    - Bleached white bone
    - Squeaky hamster toy

o Mechanical Spurs (200 dingbats)
  - MOUNT <beast> takes half the balance, VAULT <beast> takes none (but requires
    that you have it).
  - Must be worn to be used.

o A gnomish levitrate balloon (100 dingbats)
  - A permanent levitation enchantment.
  - Must be rubbed to activate the enchantment initially. Afterwards,
    RUB BALLOON to receive the standard levitation defence.

o Gnomish Tattooing Goggles (50 db)
  - By wearing these goggles, you can see what tattoos a person has even
    through clothing! 
  - Similar to skill of Tattoos in Discernment.
  - Syntax: TATTOOS SHOW <person>

o A miniature balloon (700 dingbats)
  - Travels to the different continents of Lusternia (currently Basin of Life,
    Lirangsha, Mount Dio and Icewynd).
  - Can only be used on the prime plane in an outdoor location.
  - DROP BALLOON will cause it to grow into a large balloon.
  - ENTER BALLOON to hop into the balloon's basket.
  - TURN WHEEL inside the basket to set the location.
  - PULL LEVER to fly to the location.
  - PUSH BALLOON to put it back into your inventory.
  - Only balloon's owner can make the balloon travel (though can take
    as many people as he or she desires).

o Mechanical Aetherscope (75 db)
  - Look through a planar rift or nexus to see what's on the other side.

o Disposal Bins (50 db)
  - PUT <item> IN <bin> 
  - Destroys anything put into it (like a nexus)
  - Several Different Models:
    - Portable Incineration Bin
    - Piebald hamster
    - Flytrap
    - Soulless Doll

o Imperial Road Sign (75 dingbats)
  - Syntax: ROADSIGN TO <target>
  - Mimics the RITUALS VIA spell that allows you to travel to any person on
  one of the major roads (Ackleberry, Southern Highway, Imperial Road,
  Alabaster Road).

o Circlet of Crystal Thorns (300 dingbats)
  - Must be worn
  - Puts up a psychic mindfield that gives a psychic backlash to non-allies
  who attempt to scry you.
  - Damage stacks with if you have PSYCHOMETABOLISM MINDFIELD active.

o Chromatic Sun Goggles (500 dingbats)
  - Must be worn
  - Permanent deathsight when worn
  - Permanent thirdeye when worn
  - See enemies enter or exit your location

o Skin of a Zombie (1000 dingbats)
  - Must be worn to be active
  - Turns you into zombie and thus you become undead for all intents and
  - Grants the EYEBLAST ability (excorable attack).
  - NOTE: You cannot hide being a disgusting zombie! It will show in your
    description, in the room you are in and in your honours.

o Hand of the Demigod (750 dingbats)
  - Useable only by Demigods
  - Allows transfer of essence to other demigods at a 25% transfer loss.
  - Syntax: CHANNEL <#> ESSENCE TO <target>

o Gilded Cage (500 dingbats) (previously an auction item)
  - Gives the damageshift ability if you do not have it, allowing you to
    reserve the energy of critical strikes and fortify your next attack with
    the remaining strength.
  - If you have the damageshift ability, increases the duration by 100% and 
    increases the damage caused from damageshift by 10%

o Costume Artifacts (75 dingbats)
  - Casts illusion about yourself similar to nature and statue glamours.
  - This puts you out of phase though you won't be able to do anything.
  - Syntax: UNFOLD <costume>
  - Good for hiding!
  - Types:
    - Rockeater Costume (usable only in mountain environments)
    - Kestrel Costume (usable only in clouds environments)
    - Gold Sovereigns Costume (usable only in roads or path environments)
    - Pigeon Costume (usable only in urban environments)
    - Lizard Costume (usable only in urban environments)
    - Rat Costume (usable only in urban environments)
    - Weevil Costume (usable only in forest or trees environments)
    - Kelp Costume (usable only in ocean or river environments)
    - Beetle Costume (usable only in the Undervault)
    - Flower Costume (usable only on the ethereal plane)
    - Pillar Costume (usable only on the elemental plane)
    - Cosmic Fluff Costume (usable only in the cosmic plane)
    - Astral Vortex Costume (usable only in the astral plane)

o Beer Goggles (25 dingbats)
  - Must be worn.
  - See and interact with drunken mobiles without needing to be drunk.

o Spurs of the Traveller (100 dingbats)
  - Must be worn.
  - While worn and mounted, immune to natural weather effects that impact movement.

o Rune of Hiding (25 dingbats)
  - Attaches to clothing and makes it permanent
  - This clothing will not appear when worn and others look at you.

o Newton Pale Ale (25 dingbats)
  - Allows entry back into Newton Caverns for 24 hours
  - One time use.

o Nexus Headdress (150 dingbats)
  - Allows channeling astral node energy to your nexus.
  - Syntax: NEXUSLINK NODE [<number>]
  - NOTE: If you have the cone or link skill, your drawing power will be
  faster than usual (if the artifact is worn).

o Commandant Baton (150 dingbats)
  - Summon entire squad to you for 10 power if you are the squad leader
  - Syntax: SQUAD SUMMON

o Compass of the Basin (100 dingbats)
  - Delayed teleport to various hunting spots on the Basin of Life
  - Syntax: TOUCH COMPASS <direction>
  - Locations:
    - North - Mount Wend
    - Northeast - Snow Valley
    - Northwest - Tosha Monastery
    - East - Shallamurine Cathedral
    - Southeast - Tainted Broadcast Center
    - South - Naga Tunnels
    - Southwest - Dwarven Chancel
    - West - Mornhai Sanctuary