PATRONAGE - Lusternia Online Help


The most important and special way in which a mortal may interact with a God
is by pledging his or her life to the God. This is done by joining the God's
Divine Order. An honour not to be taken lightly, this is accomplished by
speaking with the relevent God and establishing a rapport with him or her
first. Eventually you may feel that you are worthy of following this God, and
ask for acceptance into his or her Order. On the other hand, the God may first
decide that you would make a good addition to his or her Order, and invite you
in. You are, of course, free to refuse, but understand that everything in life
has consequences, be they trivial or large.

Once in a Divine Order, you will find that you begin at the lowest rank in the
Order. Each Deity sets His or Her own criteria for promotion within the Order,
and enough rank may carry with it certain privileges.

Orders have a few commands associated with them. These are:

DEPOSIT <gold> <god's name>      : Anyone may do this, for any order.
WITHDRAW <gold> <patron's name>  : You must be at least rank 4 in an Order to
                                   do this.
ORDERACCOUNTS                    : See a listing of the Order's bank accounts.
                                   You must be at least order rank 4 to
                                   do this.

READLOG <your patron's name> <starting line> <how many months back to go>

You may omit the last two fields of the command if you just wish to read from the beginning of today's log. <starting line> indicates which line you wish to begin reading on. 2 months back would be two months ago, and logs are kept for 30 months.