PARALLAX AETHER ARENA - Lusternia Online Help


The Parallax Aether Arena is a specially designed arena for use with
Aetherships, which allows ships to battle against each other in a
death-free environment.

   Syntax:  PARALLAX                         - Base command

            PARALLAX CHALLENGE <ship>        - Challenge to a duel
            PARALLAX ACCEPT CHALLENGE        - Accept a challenge
            PARALLAX JOIN EVENT              - Join an arena event
            PARALLAX STATUS                  - See the event status

Similarly to the Klangratch Tournies, any use of ship power or
other resources will be restored to a ship after an arena battle has

In addition to duels, there are also other game types which may be
joined. They are:

    - Aether Dogfight               - A ship-based free-for-all

See also: ARENA