ORDER WARS - Lusternia Online Help


Order Wars can be fought between Divine Orders following mutual declarations.
These declarations can be made only by the Divine and those they appoint as a
Warlord representing the Order.

Following mutual declaration of war, victory is obtained by causing the opposing
Order's Patron to lose a large supply of essence through use in war-specific

Ways to drain essence:
- Killing a realm denizen.
- Using an invasion shrine to summon invasion creatures on the opposing Patron's
- Destroying invasion shrines.
- Killing enemy Order members in their Patron's realm or your Patron's realm.

Victory results in truefavours for all of the victorious Order's members.

Gods cannot enter into a war for ten months following an end to a war.

See ORDERWAR for full syntax. See HELP GODREALMS for more information on God Realms.