ORDER CIRCLES - Lusternia Online Help


Each deity has three circles to their own personal Divine Order. These are the
Outer, Middle, and Inner circles, respectively. A person can be in one, two, or
even all three of these circles, in any variety of ways.

The Outer Circle is just that - the circle of the Order farthest from the God
while still being within the Order itself. Generally, these followers could be
considered people still learning of the God, or in the middle of their
initiation. Use OTO <message> to speak on this channel.

The Middle Circle is often called the Order proper - and this is the circle 
with a variety of ranks within. These followers could be considered the main 
following. Use OT <message> to speak on this channel.

The Inner Circle is the most exclusive of all, the circle reserved only for
those the God wishes to have closest to Them. Use OTI <message> to speak on 
this channel.

Additionally, Orders can also be addressed to by circle - for example, when in
the News, it is possible to be addressed to an individual circle, or, everyone.
For example, one might choose OUTER, or ORDER, or INNER, if it was for a
specific circle within an Order News Post.