OFFICE OF GUILDMASTER - Lusternia Online Help


The Guildmaster is the nominal head of the guild and represents the guild 
on the ruling council of the guild's city or commune. The most 
politically powerful of the elected offices, those drawn to this position 
must take the 'big picture' view of how the guild shall work with the 
city or commune in which it resides.

As a member of the city or commune ruling council, the Guildmaster is 
considered part of the city leadership and can confirm appointments of 
the city rulers and generally participate in the governing of the city 
and commune.

The Guildmaster makes many appointments to guild positions. The most 
important appointment is that of the Patron of the guild, which will set 
the guild upon its spiritual path (HELP GUILDPATRON).

The responsibilities of the Guildmaster also include appointing the 
Secretaries (though only from the pool of Undersecretaries appointed by 
the Guild Administrator) and Security (though only from the pool of 
Protectors chosen by the Guild Champion).

Finally, the Guildmaster shares responsibility with the Guild Champion in 
overseeing the Guild Nexus Powers for the security of the guild and city.

All the powers that the Guildmaster has may be seen using GUILD PRIVS 
(assuming you are guildmaster).