OFFICE OF GUILD CHAMPION - Lusternia Online Help


The most glamorous office of the guild is that of Guild Champion--though 
it also happens to be the most dangerous. The Champion is charged with 
protecting guild members and is expected to be available to rescue them 
from life-threatening situations. Those attracted to this position 
generally do not have political ambitions, but are rather experts at one 
thing-the art of combat. The best of the best, it is not uncommon to have 
enemies of the guild run in fear when their Champion enters the scene.

Guild Champions appoint Protectors to assist them in protecting their 
guild brothers and sisters. Most notably, Champions also are caretakers 
of a powerful guild artifact to assist them in their duties.

Along with the Guildmaster, the Guild Champion helps oversee the use 
of the Guild Nexus Powers for the security of the guild and city/commune. 
Also, the Guild Champion may brand a person an enemy or ally of the