NOVICE INTRODUCTION - Lusternia Online Help


All adventurers begin in Lusternia by stepping through the Portal of Fate.
Going through the portal is akin to being marked for potential greatness as 
the Fates revise reality around you--which has the side effect of losing your 
memory. From there, your journey begins. Will you recover your lost memory? 
Find family or friends? And, most importantly, how have you truly been marked
by the Fates?

This introduction is the roleplaying scenario which justifies why a fully grown
adult (you) has entered the realm not really knowing much about his or her
history, the world around, or perhaps even how to do basics like finding food
or navigating a supposedly familiar city.

First-time adventurers are given a magic lamp which provide a 'novice introduction' by way of a question and answer mechanism with basics about life in Lusternia. This introduction gives new players basic instructions on the gaming environment, commands and the world of Lusternia. 
(See HELP LAMP for more detailed information)