NOCHT, THE SILENT - Lusternia Online Help


200 years after the Coming of Estarra, the Great Night cried out under
the fiery onslaught of the Sun. It was the cries of His greatest
creation that hastened the return of the Silent Lord to the First World.

Known as an extremely shy, soft spoken member of the Sixth Circle, Nocht
was often overlooked by those around Him, and thus became known as
Silent Nocht. However, for those who did know Him, He was extremely
skilled at manipulating raw spirit and equipped with a sharp intellect.
Among the first to be forced to flee at the time of the diaspora, when
so many Elders fled the Soulless, Nocht was separated from the other
gods, swept into the darkest corners of the Void.

Ages later upon His return, the Silent Lord aligned Himself with the
Glomdoring Commune, the worshipers of His beloved Night. Preferring to
walk amongst the shadows and act indirectly from a distance, little is
known of how Nocht's solitude in the Void has altered Him. He takes
special interest in mortals, often walking amongst them and observing
their habits, motives and deeds, and His interest in them is second only
to His love for the Night. Indeed, it is not uncommon for a mortal to
feel the icy chill of His presence, and hear the muffled whispers that
follow Him as He wanders the shadows of the Basin.

His symbol is a seven-pointed star emblazoned on an orb of pitch black.