NEWTON CAVERNS (Newbie Area) - Lusternia Online Help

12.2.1 NEWTON CAVERNS (Newbie Area)

Carved into the side of Avechna's Peak are a set of tunnels, uniquely 
attuned to the vibrations of those people who have newly passed through 
the Portal of Fate. The race of gnomes make their home here and nowhere 
else within Lusternia, fighting against the rat-like finks who live in the 
lower tunnels. It is said that the gnomes have found a way to cross back 
to their homeland, which exists on the far side of Lusternia. Young 
adventurers may find themselves confronted with talking giant ants, 
walking mushrooms and many other strange beings.

The newbie area is rich in quests. Indeed, there are two honour quests for 
those truly dedicated. See HELP NEWTON HONOURS.