NAMES: GOOD, OK, POOR, FORBIDDEN - Lusternia Online Help


(For giving a name to a loyal animal or the like, see HELP NAME)

We want you to think about your name and come up with a good one! What do we think a good name is? Great question. Your answer follows. How do you change your name if you want a better one? See HELP NAMECHANGE.

Generating Sample Names
Syntax: NAMEGEN <race> <gender>

The 'namegen' command allows you randomly to generate sample names. These are meant to be used for inspiration. Because these names are randomly generated, some generated names may not be useful or appropriate. This is meant as a tool to help players get a feel for a race, the use of these  names is not mandatory.

Races aren't confined to their own native racial names. A faeling may use an elfen or even loboshigaru name--who knows who raised the faeling! Note that some racial names do not differentiate between genders, notably dracnari, mugwump, lucidian and illithoid.

Forced Name Changes
Generally, only extremely poor or offensive names will require a name change. If you are asked to change your name by a Guide or an Administrator, please do so.

Changing Your Name
The command is NAMECHANGE <newname>, for example: NAMECHANGE idranuliar

Players should not ask newbies to reconsider their names unless they are offensive in nature. This is the purview of the guides and the guides only. Please also note that the guides are governed in their namechanging decisions by their own set of guidelines and standards as dictated by the administration. Please bring any complaints or concerns about namechanging policy to the attention of the Moirae, -not- to individual guides.