NAME CHANGES - Lusternia Online Help


In general, changing one's name is frowned upon. The thought that you put into
your name should be great enough that changing it is not necessary. However,
sometimes a player is simply unhappy with their current choice. To change your
name you must have played less than 30 hours (we don't allow well known
characters to change their names). And when doing so you may only perform this
action ONCE. So choose wisely and appropriately. Do not choose a name you are
embarrased of or wouldn't want recorded in the scrolls of History.

   * Played less than 30 hours.
   * May only change your name once.
   * May change your name with the command NAMECHANGE <new name>.

It must be noted however, that should your chosen name be deemed
innappropriate, you may be asked to change it. 


Good names are new, original, custom, created by you for Lusternia. Nobody has
ever seen a truly new name before - it's not in the dictionary, it's not a
common name or common word or words - it's NEW and unique. To generate sample
racial names, type NAMEGEN <race> <gender> (see HELP NAMES).

- names you might hear in real life (Roger, Sally, Megan)

- a dictionary word, if not silly or offensive (Cadenza, Ragwort)
  (if Spindle, Skein, Bobbins or one of our immortals asks you to
   change your name, then it is unacceptable: please change).

Remember that you might be able to do a lot better by making
up a completely new name!

- silly or offensive names of any kind, even dictionary words.

- multiple words:
        - Which spell a phrase (thegreatone, slowhead, lordsmith)
        - Which appear to combine a first name and family name or
          a name with title. (kingfred, johnsmith). It is possible to
          have a family name, or a title in addition to your name - 
          you don't need to amalgamate them!
        - Which are otherwise inappropriate.
        - NB Some multiple word names are ok, like those with a
          native american flavour, or those which appear to all intents
          and purposes to be a single name but can be broken down
          into component words (e.g. Laysus, Doman, Rattusk)

- names which infringe on trademark or copyright (Cocacola, Microsoft)

- an easily recognizable historical/fictional name (Jesus, Gandalf).
  (NOTE: Some "easily recognizable" names are judgment calls at the
  discretion of the guides. As a good rule of thumb, try not to use a name
  from popular books or movies. Less popular references may be fine.)

- onomatopoetic words (Kerplop, Buzz, Hiss, Ribbit).

- refer to anything in Lusternia (Magnagora, Ephemeral, etc).

- include cursewords, profanity, or racial epithets

- include multiple repeated letters (bobbbb, zzzzeeerrrrooo)

- are keyboard jokes (asdf, qwerty)

- are probably unpronounceable (xfsy, kjlkwyz)

Choosing a name in the FORBIDDEN category will result in a name change.
Choosing a name in the POOR category may result in a name change at the
discretion of the guides.

Please note that name changes are at the discretion of the guides and the 
administration. If a guide or an administrator/god asks you to change your
name, then you are required to do so.

Choosing a name in the GOOD category will be safest and best and, most
important of all, it will be the most fun for us all.