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During the Vernal Wars, Dionamus erected a spire on top a mountain to bless 
and heal all races, protecting them from the influence of the Soulless. In
honour of His deeds the mountain later became known as Mount Dio. Near the end
of the war, Dionamus entrusted a group of loyal loboshigaru and mugwumps to 
care for and maintain the spire. For many generations those settlers fulfilled
their task without fail, yet as the mountain was rediscovered in recent years,
the spire has fallen into disrepair, together with the settlement of the
loboshigaru and mugwump. It is unknown how to reach this remote mountain, 
though rumours abound that experiments at the Arthar'rt Observatory have 
opened a way.

Note: If the healing powers of the Spire of Dionamus are activated, those who 
are undead (or have a lichseed) and those who traffic in darkspirits will be
cursed by the healing light. This means they will suffer a regeneration 
penalty while outdoors in sunlight. Everyone else will gain a regeneration
bonus while outdoors in sunlight.