MORTAL CREATION (USING OLC) - Lusternia Online Help


CREATE - Create something using OLC

   The most powerful command in all of the online creation commands.
This allows you to create all the things that you are currently
permitted to.
   You can see the number of things that you are allowed to create
(the current status of your Orb of Creation) by probing your Orb.
If you are allowed to create something, then it will tell you how
many of each type of creation you are allowed to do, or if you are
not, it will say so.
   Just being allowed to create a number of things, does not actually
mean you can start doing it. In the case of items and mobiles, you
must also be granted permission to create a particular type of item
or mobile, and in the case of rooms, you must be granted permission
to create in a certain area.
   Once you are given a certain number of creations and permission
to create something you can do so by typing:
   CREATE <thing>
where <thing> is what you want to create, be it a room, a butterfly,
a longsword, or a small pebble. So to create a room, you can type
CREATE ROOM, and if you are capable of doing so, it will be done
and you will be told the name of the newly created room (so you can
GO to it if you like). In the case of items and mobiles, they will
be placed in your inventory ready for you to deposit where you like.

NOTE: You must be in one of your created rooms in order to create