MORGFYRE, THE LEGION - Lusternia Online Help


One of the most ancient and powerful entities in the multiverse, the
Elder God Morgfyre is known as He Who Is Legion, the Devourer of Gods,
and simply Legion.

During the Great Exodus of the Elder Gods from Lusternia millennia
ago, Morgfyre conquered the seething horrors and fathomless creatures
of the Void - nearly godlike in their own right. In a time when death
herself had abandoned the Gods and left them helpless and scattered,
Morgfyre drank of the spark of Creation within the shattered and ruined
forms of His malevolent enemies, seizing their consciousness and spirit
for Himself and feeding His immense and waxing strength. What dark
places the Elder God tread during the long exile remain a mystery, but
so changed is He that even the other Gods do not recognize what He has

In the modern epoch, Morgfyre is worshiped by cults and secretive
sects across the lands, who revere His strength and rebirth in the
burning forge of His exile. It is whispered in lore and legend that
the God speaks not with His own voice, but with the shifting voices of
His devoured enemies - yet rarely does Morgfyre's hand directly
influence events, instead working subtly through His mortal servitors
and agents. He is known to favour the Ouroborian Priesthood, whose
seat of power rests within the tainted capital city of Magnagora, and
who preach that humanity is served through the ever-changing process
of rebirth and renewal. Dissolution and destruction, they teach, are
the necessary tools of the greater transformation that must inevitably
follow in their wake, and must be embraced as an equal part of that
relentless cycle.

His symbol is the Ouroboros, the great serpent biting its own tail.