A Dose of Relative Dimensional Liquefication: 125 credits
   - One-use item (disappears after use)
   - EAT DOSE to expand the size of your liquid rift. Each dose will allow
     you to store an extra 1000 sips of every fluid.
   - Up to six doses can be eaten.

A Drop of Extraspatial Aethersource: 150 credits
   - One-use item (disappears after use)
   - EAT DROP to expand the size of your liquid rift. Each drop will allow
     you to store another 25 fluids.
   - Up to six drops can be eaten.

Aetheric Keystone: 125 credits
   - Can use the KEYSTONE verb to phase keys into it for storage.
   - Only keys with your mark can be phased to a keystone.

Alchemist's Pocketwatch: 150 credits
   - Allow owner to sprinkle magical salt/sulfur at no cost (i.e. you do
     not need sulfur or salt on hand to sprinkle if you are holding this).

Belt of Klangratch: 175 credits
  - Sheaths a dozen assorted weapons

Binoculars of Mystic Sight 250cr
  - Display owner and size of all demesnes in the local area

Bubble of Gender Switching: 100 credits
   - BREAK BUBBLE to activate.
   - Changes your gender to the opposite gender PERMANENTLY.
   - The bubble is destroyed. This is a one-time use artifact.

Bubble of Popularity: 25 credits
   - BREAK BUBBLE to activate.
   - This will increase the number of clans you can be a member of by one. 
   - The bubble is destroyed. This is a one-time use artifact.

Cloak of Shifting Hues: 125 credits
   - Hides all clothing except for the cloak itself.
   - Does not hide jewellery.
   - Note: Unseen clothes do not count for prestige! 

Dagger of Reincarnation: 100 credits
   - Lets you reincarnate.
   - SACRIFICE MYSELF once you have it, and then you may reincarnate in 
     the Portal of Fate as usual.
   - The dagger is destroyed upon sacrificing yourself.

Dimensional Anomaly: 125 credits
   - One-use item (disappears after use)
   - BREAK ANOMALY to expand the size of your personal rift by 50%.
   - ACTIVATE ANOMALY to expand the size of your manse rift by 50%.
   - Each rift can be expanded up to 6 times (each 50% expansion is
     based on the original rift capacity).

Doctoral Cord of the Anomaly: 1000 credits
   -Allows for free skillflexing.
   -Still limited to 50 lessons per day (though the lessons aren't used).
   -Upgradeable to Doctoral Tam (1000 credits to upgrade).

Doctoral Tam of the Anomaly: 2000 credits
   -Allows for free skillflexing (see Doctoral Cord above).
   -Allows for free classflexing.
   -Can classflex every 75 rl hours (rather than 300 hours).
   -Raises skillflex limit to 300 lessons per Lusternian day.

Eye of the Guardian: 250 credits
  - Focus on one mutual ally
  - Alerts when that mutual ally is attacked, revealing attacker and location
  - Syntax: WATCH <ally>, UNWATCH

Fesix Packs: 100 credits
   - These packs do not decay and hold 100 items instead of 50.

Fesix Rune: 150 credits
   - Transforms any pack with the properties of a fesix pack (above).
   - These packs do not decay and hold 100 items instead of 50.

Gaudy Glamrock: 250 credits
   - This artifact allows the recording of fashion ensembles. Each Glamrock
     can store up to 10 ensembles, each one lasting for up to 300 game-days,
     and lets you project them over whatever you're really wearing. Each
     ensemble includes everything you'd see in the description
     after "He is wearing". 
   - COUTURE RECORD <slot> <name>  - Record your current ensemble
   - COUTURE PLAY <slot|name>|NONE - Project a recorded ensemble over
   - COUTURE ERASE <slot|name>     - Erase a recorded ensemble
   - COUTURE LIST                  - Show all your recorded ensembles
   - COUTURE SHOW <slot|name>      - Display full details of an ensemble
   - COUTURE STATUS                - What ensemble are you currently modeling?

Gilded Mirror: 500 credits
   - Allows gender change once per Lusternian month
   - RUB MIRROR to activate

Glittering Feedback Field: 300 credits
   - When someone strikes your high or lowmagic shield (or equivalent), they
     will be damaged by a sudden burst of magical energy. This will work 
     against players and denizens.

Gloves of Concealment: 125 credits
   - Wearing these gloves will conceal all jewellery you wear.
   - RUB GLOVES switches between hiding all jewellery, or only enchanted jewellery.
   - Note: Unseen jewellery do not count for prestige! 

Golden Planimeter: 100 credits
  - Allows use of Attunement skill in Environment
  - If you have the Attunement skill in Environment, allows attuning two
    different environments.
  - Syntax: ATTUNE

Great Rune of Contained Dimensional Instability: 50 credits
  - This is NOT a jewellery rune, but a special rune that can only be 
    placed on artisan-crafted boxes.
  - When attached to an artisan-created box, any item placed in the box 
    disappears. Upon shaking the apparently empty box, one random item 
    will fall out. Great for parties! 

Great Rune of Enchantment: 50 credits
   - Adds 10 extra charges onto an enchantable item.
   - This rune cannot be applied to Scrolls (e.g. Scroll of Healing).

Great Rune of Glassworking: 40 credits
   - Transforms an ordinary vial into an arcane vial, which never
     decays, and has twice the normal capacity of a vial (up to a
     maximum of 110 sips).
   - Once runed with a Great Rune of Glassworking, a vial will take
     twice the sips when refilled, and will double the amount extracted
     for poisons (although it still depends upon the skill of the
   - If used with a Planar LiquidRift, it can be linked with up to five
     different fluids and will still halve the number of sips you use!

Inspector's Magnifying Glass: 150 credits
    [<FULL>]] <target>.
  - Allow you to INVESTIGATE another adventurer, which is the equivalent to   
    discernment bodyscan ability. 

Kaleidoscopic Telescope: 500 credits
   - Can use the farscout ability as per the cosmic spell.

Karma Iguana Charm (500 credits)
   - Halves the karma cost needed to gain a karma blessing. 
   - Does not affect the on-going karma drain. 

Key to the Gate: 775 credits
  - Turn the key to be flung to a random room on Astral.

Kiakoda's Atlas: 250 credits
  - Usable only by those with the PRINTS skill (including Kiakoda's Map).
  - Reveals denizens regardless of terrain type. 

Kinetic Shield Amplifier: 250 credits
   - Upgrades magical shields (lowmagic/highmagic/etc) to restore a portion 
     of your health whenever the shield is hit. 

Kissable Golden Lips (Kiss of the Fates): 30 credits
   - One-time use only.
   - Gives Double XP for 24 hours.
   - Stacks with all other XP bonuses and promotions.
   - Syntax: KISS <lips> 

Lirangshan Mist: 700 credits
   - This curious jar of mist captured in Lirangsha will, when released upon 
     a denizen, cause them to relax out of an influenced state. 
   - The mist will refill once every Lusternian day. 
   - One use per refill.
   - Syntax: RELEASE MIST ON <denizen>

Magic flowerpot: 200 credits
   - 33% chance of growing one random flower (out of 17 types) every
     Lusternian day.  The flowerpot holds 6 flowers, and will stop producing
     them when full, until you pick one. Open your own flower business!

Parafilament Purse: 200 credits
   - These purses hold 100 items and never decay.
   - Any items stored in these remarkable purses decay at half the normal rate.

Pearl Ring: 350 credits
   - Automatically avoid being carried away by currents. 

Bloodstone Ring: 350 credits
   - Automatically avoid earthquakes. 

Sapphire Ring: 350 credits
   - Automatically avoid winds on air plane. 

Ruby Ring: 350 credits
   - Automatically avoid infernos on fire plane. 

Scorpion Cocktail: 75 credits
   - Throw the cocktail at the ground or to another room, and it will 
     explode, cursing everyone in the room with random afflictions. 
   - Cooldown of 15 minutes.

Scroll of Laurels: 325 credits
   - Hide your honours and instead show a custom line written by the owner.
   - Syntax: 
       HONOUR TEXT <text> (to set honours line)
       HONOUR HIDE <ON/OFF> (to hide or reveal honour line)

Tear of Shallah: 1150 credits
  - Reduces the effect of stun and blackout on the wearer (20%).

ur'Stone of Cankermore: 1000 credits
  - Powers up when you kill denizens. When it reaches its full power, 
    you can set it at a room where you will be automatically resurrected 
    when you die.
  - Once full, PLANT STONE to set the stone's location.
  - To unset the stone before using it to resurrect, UPROOT STONE in the room
    it's been planted.

Viridian Poisoner's Charm: 250 credits
  - 30% chance to notice when someone is afflicted by a poison
    (aka when it comes up and they do not shrug it).

Wand of Relocation: 150 credits
   - The Wand of Relocation can be used to create a temporary abode in the
     aether to escape from the rigours of reality. Its usage mimics exactly 
     a manse created by the Glamours skillset. 
   - If you have the skill in Glamours, any manse you create as the owner of
     this wand will last twice as long.
   - Costs 10p to create the manse. 
   - RAISE WAND while wielding the wand to use.

o Font of the Gods: 400 credits
  - Allows offering to your god from anywhere
  - TOUCH FONT to change its description to your god

o Symbol of the Gods: 250 credits
  - Reduces the karma cost for shrine powers by 25%
  - TOUCH SYMBOL to change its description to your god

o Mark of the Devoted Servant: 400 credits
  - Increases essence generated from influencing godrealm mobs by 10%
  - Increases esteem by empowering your god's godrealm mobs by 20%
  - TOUCH MARK to customize to your divine if available

o Manna of the Gods: 1100 credits
  - Can be consumed (one use and it vanishes)
  - +30 extra weight for demigod powers
  - Does not stack

These artifacts, when eaten, will transform you into a new, limited-access race, as well as giving you a free reincarnation if you do not already have one. Once eaten, you'll permanently be able to reincarnate back into this race, either via standard reincarnation or via the changeling cameo.

o a peculiar flobbergobble mushroom: 500 credits
  - Unlocks access to the Gnome race

o an extremely smelly flobbergobble mushroom: 500 credits
  - Unlocks access to the Fink race