Often called the Bloom of Serenity, Maylea was once known among the Elder Gods as a Fourth Circle Goddess devoted to painting and sculpting the flowers of the First World. However, She was far more serious than many of Her fellow artists, and far more ancient, being one of the first group of Elders to know consciousness. Marked by grief and loss throughout Her existence, Maylea looked into the spirits of the flowers to find meaning and beauty in their short lives. A quiet and somewhat reclusive Goddess, little else was known about Her during the days of the Elders. In the time of the Elder Wars, She distinguished Herself by making objects of power to help protect the other Elders from the threat of the Soulless, though there were rumors that at times She also joined in the fray.

Eventually finding Her way back to the First World in the modern year 208, She soon aligned Herself with the Serenwilde, as it most reminded Her of the purity of Lusternia before the Soulless came. In the modern year 473, She suffered grave injury and underwent a change, reborn into an aspect called Ayl'kiun by the fae, otherwise known as the Sword of Serenity. Through near-death and change, She had gained insight into the Way of the Blossom, which She used to guard the Serenwilde.

Maylea values introspection in those who seek Her, as well as a willingness to examine oneself critically. She also approves of curiosity and intellect, encouraging Her followers to express themselves in a way that reflects their true being. At the same time, She places emphasis on personal responsibility, holding Her followers accountable for the fruits of their actions, which reflect their innermost truths. As once She looked into the spirits of flowers and fashioned them according to their best qualities, so She seeks to draw the best qualities of Her followers to the fore. And as once She changed Her own aspect in order to guard that which She loves, so She encourages Her followers bring harmony to their inner and outer selves and embrace the changes that truth may bring, until one day they come to enlightenment.

Her symbols are a golden singing peach and a crystal orchid refracting the light into many colours.