MAPS AND PATHS - Lusternia Online Help


Lusternia supports a map system to help you orient yourself to the vast
planescape, and also allows you to find the shortest path to a location
and speedwalk there - eliminating the difficulty of getting lost along
the way.


Syntax:    MAP
           MAP LIST
           MAP <room number>
           MAP <area> <x> <y> <z>
           MAP RADIUS <1-5>
           MAP WIDTH <1-5>
           MAP HEIGHT <1-5>

Lusternia has an in-game mapping system in order to make learning your way
around the game much easier. Simply type MAP to see the current map for
your location (if there is one).

If you would like to see your map every time you move, you can use CONFIG
MAPVIEW ON. This will respect your radius, width, and height settings. You can
turn it off once more with CONFIG MAPVIEW OFF.

[ ]    - Denotes a room
[+]    - Your current location
[S]    - Room with a shop
[N]    - News room
[$]    - Bank
[P]    - Post office
[@]    - Prime Nexus location
[A]    - Aetherways Portal chamber
[L]    - Great Library
[_]    - Room with a down exit
[^]    - Room with an up exit
[<]    - Room with an in exit
[>]    - Room with an out exit
[=]    - Room with both up and down exits
[x]    - Room with multiple exit types

The map is colour-coded according to a room's default environment type
(and is not affected by Mage or Druid terrain). Some exits will be
hidden from your view on the map, and other areas will only be visible
while you are inside of that area. Special exits also will not appear
on the map.

Your map radius is set to 5 (the largest) by default, but you can make
it smaller if you have problems fitting it on your screen.

MAP LIST will show you the current maps that exist in Lusternia. You can
use MAP <area> <x> <y> <z> to view the map remotely, if it is not hidden.
When viewing a map remotely, please note that 0:0:0 are the coordinates
for the center of the map. The coordinates of a map may be found in the
bottom right corner of the map. You may also view a map by using
MAP <room number>, noting that the room number is at the top right corner
of a map.

You may also find maps of Lusternia on the 'Library' section on the
website at

You can try to find a path to a given location on a map by using its room
number, or by selecting one of the well-known places in Lusternia.

Syntax:   PATH FIND <landmark or room number>
          PATH WALK <landmark or room number>
          PATH STOP (or just STOP)

This feature will allow you to quickly walk across the land to your
destination, with little fear of getting lost along the way. There is a
limit to how far you will be able to find a path.