MADNESS - Lusternia Online Help

15.6.1 MADNESS

Adventurers are a special group of people. The Fates have given to adventurers 
both strengths and weaknesses that denizens do not have. One of the weaknesses
to which an Adventurer may fall prey is insanity.

The first sign of insanity is when the poor victim starts to use words that are
meaningless to others, such as talking about "my PC" or "being online" as if 
everybody else should know what it meant!

If the insanity is allowed to go unchecked, the victim may begin to believe
that the imaginary world is the real world and that Lusternia does not really 

Some fancy that qualities of their own existence, such as their health, ego or 
life experience are nothing more than numbers! Chilling, isn't it?

Most distressing of all is when the insanity appears more akin to a case of 
possession by some vile, alien creature. Victims in this final stage may call 
life a game, and imagine that they are nothing more than playing pieces in that
game, controlled by some greater being.

If you've been asked to read this scroll, consider this: have you been showing 
signs of insanity? Are you willing to take the first step and admit that you
are ill and in need of a cure?

To those of you who see others suffering: insanity is a disease of the mind. 
Those afflicted with it should not be ridiculed, as this tends to aggravate the
condition. Speak to them privately. Show them concern and understanding. Remind
them of their true reality and home here, in Lusternia!

Nobody wants to see insanity o'erwhelm us all.