The Elder God known as Lyreth, the Sidereal Prince is, to put it quite 
simply, highly unpredictable. At turns sweet and gentle, and at others 
wild and tempestuous, His chaotic nature is, however, more suited to 
acts of whimsy than anything truly destructive. His indolent and often 
brash personality most often manifests itself in a sense of humour that 
is quite unique to say the very least. He is perhaps one of the most 
youthful of the Elders, His demeanor carefree and spontaneous, filled 
with a refreshing zest for life that knows no bounds.

Not one prone to deep introspection, Lyreth advocates living in the 
moment, for in His eyes, life is the most beautiful of gifts granted 
the First World by Dynara and to squander it is senseless. To Lyreth, 
every life holds its own, intrinsic beauty, no matter what the opinions 
of others might say. If you must kill, first understand the inherent 
beauty of what it is you are destroying, and second, contemplate whether 
its destruction will make the world a better place.

A musician, poet and entertainer, though not necessarily one to show 
off, Lyreth has a voice that is beyond compare, and it has been said 
He is capable of bringing a tear to even the most hardened of hearts. 
One of his greatest accomplishments was teaching the birds to sing, 
giving each bird a unique voice and the tiniest fragment of the Song 
of Creation. Above all else, He is an artist, from the tips of his 
toes to the top of His head, and He revels in the beauty of life, 
believing it one of the most sacred gifts bestowed upon the First 
World by Dynara.

Lyreth holds the emotions of love, passion and happiness to the highest 
of standards, believing that to hurt the ones you love is one of the 
worst crimes that can possibly be committed. He especially abhors lying,
however, and is adamant in His belief that to lie to yourself and others 
is the second greatest sin. In His eyes, to do so is to murder part of 
yourself as surely as if you had taken a weapon to it.

His symbol is a silvery wooden harp with strings of golden light.