LUSTERNIA: NEWBIE GUIDE - Lusternia Online Help


Welcome to Lusternia: Age of Ascension, a land of mystery, intrigue, and
conflict. In Lusternia, you're part of a vibrant, living world of high
fantasy where you can create the future by your accomplishments. Diplomacy
and combat prowess are your tools of the trade. Do you have what it takes to
become the next King of Celest, or the Dark Marshall of Glomdoring? Perhaps
you could become a Champion of one of the many guilds, or a famed merchant.
There are many paths!

The Lusternia Guide aims to help you out by giving you beginner-level advice,
explanations, commands, and everything you might need to achieve your goals
and claim your destiny within Lusternia!

It's time to get started. There's a huge, living, growing world out there to
explore and to tame, and to embellish with your heroic deeds and mighty

Getting Connected to Lusternia

Join thousands of players like you as they connect their computers to
Lusternia by using a client program like our own Lusternia Java Client
- called the Nexus client. Just click on 'Play Now' at the top of this page,
or Play Lusternia with the Nexus client. This requires Java on your computer.
Get the latest version of Java from Our Nexus Java
client program is the easiest way to get connected, but not the only way.
Look in the Wikipedia Entry on MUD Clients for alternatives, which are called
telnet or mud clients. The telnet address is, port 23 or port
2003, and numeric IP address is

Intro: Journey through the Portal of Fate

Every newcomer to Lusternia experiences the Journey through the Portal of

The Journey is a quick interactive introduction to Lusternia that can take
as few as ten minutes, or as long as a few hours, depending entirely on you.
Twenty minutes or half an hour is a fairly common time for those completely
new to Lusternia.

In the Journey, you'll gain a few useful things for your life in Lusternia

    * An instrument for members of Bard guilds
    * A claymore for Warrior guilds
    * A set of Vials (Including Health, Mana, and Bromide elixirs)
    * And, of course, a small amount of gold

You will also receive an introduction to commands, and a few levels of
experience to get you started.

You also choose a race for your character (which we call an adventurer) and
may optionally choose a home city and guild.

Journey Commands

    * HINT to be reminded of what you should be doing.
    * SPEEDUP (or SLOWDOWN) to speed or slow the Trial.
    * HINTSON (or HINTSOFF) to start or stop hints.
    * NEWBIEON to turn on the newbie channel to ask for help.
    * NEWBIE to ask for help on the newbie channel.

You and Your Adventurer

In Lusternia, you take on the role of a living, mortal being which we call an
"adventurer." This will serve as your playing piece in the game of Lusternia.
Consider the adventurer your link to an entire life-like realm, where you will
essentially live out the life of your character.

Every adventurer can be completely personalized. You will be able to choose
your adventurer's gender and race, the guild and organization every adventurer
can join, and you may even choose a Divine Order that caters to one of
Lusternia's esteemed Deities.

After those decisions are out of the way, the only limitations exist in your
imagination! Cast spells, walk around, talk to your friends and join in the
politics that rule the land- most importantly, be prepared to encounter a lush
world filled with options!


In Lusternia, you assume the persona of your character. Concepts like
computers, the internet, the Boston Red Sox or anything else that is not
Lusternia-centric do not exist here. We term this phenomenon "in-character"
(IC), and it is sustained just about everywhere in Lusternia. There are very
few exceptions- so few in fact that we can only think to name private
conversations with someone else who does not mind if you go "out of-character"

There can be administrative consequences for going OOC publicly, so be
careful! If another adventurer warns you that you are exhibiting "insanity"
or acting "insane", be aware that the word "insanity" in Lusternia usually
refers to OOC behaviour. For more information, you can read HELP ROLEPLAYING.

The World of Lusternia: Rooms, Directions, Denizens, Items, Inventory

Rooms: The world of Lusternia is divided into numerous "unit" locations that
are referred to as rooms. A room might be a section of seashore, a portion of
the woodlands, or an open field. It might even be a room in a house or
Rooms are generally connected to one other the way you'd expect them to be
- a field might have more field to the east, a river to the north, and a
hill sloping upwards to the west. By typing LOOK, the text that is returned
to you describes the room that your character is standing in. The exits
available to you are noted at the very bottom.

Directions: To move around from one room to another, simply type the
direction which connects them - in or out, up or down, east, west, etc.
Sometimes doors, gates, portals or other things might be in the way, in which
case you may will have to figure out how to get around those obstacles (also
discussed below).

Denizens: Denizens are the programmed inhabitants of Lusternia that are
every bit as alive as your adventurer, but not controlled by players.
They're referred to as NPCs (non-player-characters), mobs or mobiles (because
they move around),CCCs (for computer controlled characters), or monsters.
Denizens are used to enrich the atmosphere of Lusternia; they provide engaging
quests, can act as wandering salespeople, and can tell you information about
the area you're exploring. It's important to pay careful attention to these
fellow residents of Lusternia!

Items and Inventory: A wide variety of items exist in Lusternia that can be
manipulated by you. These include, but are not limited to, books, herbs,
weapons, armour, clothing, powerful artifacts and containers to hold your

As a Lusternian, you may choose to become a craftsmen in one of our extremely
diverse and creative trades where you'll create some of the things other
players can use! One can WEAR, WIELD, EAT or DRINK, as well as DROP the
hundreds of items we offer which will place them on the ground. TAKE an item
from a pack or pick it up from the ground! Learning how to manipulate items
is essential, so take note of their different uses!


Commands refer to the words or phrases you will type to interact with
Lusternia. We have noted a few already, but here's a quick list of some of the
more important commands you will want to be familiar with (please note that
when you see a word in all caps, it usually means it's a command that must be

We have described the commands in that fashion throughout this guide:


Moving around is a simple matter of entering a direction, like this:

    * NORTH (or N)
    * NORTHEAST (or NE)
    * SOUTH (or S)
    * NORTHWEST (or NW)
    * EAST (or E)
    * SOUTHEAST (or SE)
    * WEST (or W)
    * SOUTHWEST (or SW)
    * UP (or U)
    * DOWN (or D)
    * IN
    * OUT

The above commands will move you a single room or location in the given
direction if it is possible to move that way. Please note! Some clients may
interpret NE as "Move north, then move east."

We have mentioned some obstacles that may prohibit you from moving.
Therefore, if there's a door in the way, you may need to open it (e.g. OPEN
DOOR ) before going through. If you are in or near water (like a stream or
river or lake) you will need to SWIM in that direction.

Special Movement

PORTALS will send you to a safe place that was created especially for our
Lusternian Newbies. It is at the epicenter of a number of very helpful
locations. Simply READ SIGN to view where each direction leads.

Newbies, or novices, are adventurers that have not reached level 21. Our
system of portals can be accessed as many times as you want while you're
below level 10, but will soon start to fade in available uses after you've
reached level 11. 

It's a good idea to try and learn as much as you can about Lusternian geography
before then because once they're gone, they're never coming back!

There are also special exits in which you must ENTER <object>. For example,

Looking Around

  	(L)OOK 	  Shows you the location you are in, including things on the
                  ground and other adventurers or denizens.
  	(GL)ANCE  Allows you to look into another adjacent room from where
                  you're standing.
  	(I)NV 	  Gives you a list of what is being held in your inventory.
        INFO INV  Same as INV, but lists your items according to a special
                  number that can be used in place of the item's name. This
                  is especially important to remember if you are currently
                  carrying two of the same item!
        INFO HERE Similar to II or INFO INV, except it shows detail about
                  things in your current location instead of your inventory.


You can communicate in many different ways in Lusternia, both to individuals
and groups. The aether provides Lusternia with amazing telepathic capabilities
that other realms call "channels" of communication. Either way, the pertinent
commands are below!

  	SAY 	To speak to others that are standing in the same room as you.
  	TELL 	To contact someone telepathically and privately.
  	NEWBIE 	To use aether communication to contact other newbies and Fate
                Guides who may be able to assist you. NEWBIE is not a chat
                channel, but it is great for asking questions. Use NEWBIEON or
                NEWBIEOFF to start or stop listening on that channel.
  	CT 	An aether communication wave that connects you to your city or
                commune. Use CTON or CTOFF to toggle your ability to hear
                people on and off respectively.

  	GNT 	An aether communication wave that connects you to the novice
                aetherwave specific to your guild. Use GNTON or GNTOFF to
                toggle your ability to hear people on and off respectively.

Info About Oneself

  	SCORE 	This shows things like your name, race, health, mana, ego,
                age, membership to clans and cartels, and how much gold you
                are carrying if it isn't being stored in a container.
  	STAT 	This shows you how hungry and tired you are, how warmly
                dressed you are, and information related to your adventurer's
                state of being.

For more info, read HELP SCORE and HELP STAT!


KICK and PUNCH: Until you have joined a guild, kicking and punching are the
only forms of aggression available to you. Because Lusternia observes PvP?
(player-killing), it is possible to kill other adventurers. Rules do exist to
govern this unique capability, so we suggest that you focus on fighting
denizens to gain experience before entering the world of PK (playerkilling).
You wouldn't want to break any rules!

Once you've joined a guild, you will have access to all of that guild's
useful skills. Please note that not every guild requires that you obtain a
weapon, so take care in asking what you'll need!

Healing and Recovery

In Lusternia, it is possible to be afflicted by hunger and exhaustion, and a
host of other maladies. Listed below are a few ways to remedy your
ailments-SLEEP When you sleep, your health slowly rises to normal levels. Sleeping also restores you to peak wakefulness.

Remember to check STATUS to see how tired you are! If you do not sleep
regularly, exhaustion can force you into a deep slumber where you stand.

(MED)ITATE Meditation helps you recover mana. When you meditate,
you must remain in a perfectly calm and inactive state. Almost anything will
disturb your meditation.

Herbs, salves, and elixirs are used to restore your adventurer to perfect

A few very important cures are:

   Health Potion        Restores health (SIP it) or restore deep wounds
                        (APPLY it).
   Mana Potion          Restores mana (SIP it).
   Bromide Potion       Restores ego (SIP it).

Many of these cures can be found at Trader Bob's, a little southwest of the
Newton Caverns entrance.

Look through HELP HEALINGLIST and HELP HEALING YOURSELF to learn about what
can ail you and how those ailments are cured.

Early Choices: Race, City, Guild

You have many choices to make right away: your race, your city/commune
(if any), and your Guild, if any. It should be noted that choosing a guild
will, by default, place you within the city/commune that guild belongs to.

Choosing a Race

Lusternia has about a dozen races from which to choose. There is no single
best race, nor even a single best race for a given Guild. Some races are
faster, or smarter, or stronger than others. It's up to you to decide what's
more important.

Speak with experienced adventurers in your chosen Guild. They often have good
suggestions about what's important for you. You can reincarnate once for free,
which allows you to change your race, and after that, by buying and using an
artifact called the Dagger of Reincarnation.

Each race has strengths and weaknesses, and some of them have the chance to
specialise in certain guilds. It is best to look into all the races to find
the one that best suits what you would like to do.

GUILD RACES LIST is a simple way to see what races your guild recommends based on RP or specialisms they might get.

Choosing a Guild

Guilds are an important part of Lusternia life and politics. Membership is
highly recommended.

If you choose to join a Guild, you'll gain allies, political influence, and a
group of people you can call on for help. You'll also gain a set of
expectations about how you act, and that same group of people can call on you
for help. Are the advantages worth the obligations? Only you can answer that
for yourself.

Finding the right Guild starts by deciding on the type of roleplay you wish to
pursue. Do you wish to be a grand mage in the City of Light, a grunt in the
armies of the Engine of Transformation, a High Druid in the vast forest of
the Serenwilde, or perhaps a mysterious wiccan in the dark forest of

Choosing your guild is an important decision as it will also choose the City or
Commune you will be aligned with.

Choosing a City

Lusternia has four cities and two communes among which to choose. Here are a
few things to consider when choosing a city:

If you have chosen to join a Guild, its city/commune will be automatically
joined as well.

The ideals of the city/commune. This can be found in HELP for example, HELP
CELEST. Note this also lists the city/commune's people and leaders.

You don't have to join any city/commune to start, so long as you have not
chosen a guild. If you do wish to join a city/commune, find one of the leaders
"Able to induct new citizens" listed in HELP .

Places to Go

The most important places you'll need to know right away are Portals and

There are numerous quests for newbies.

Portals - this is a completely safe location that can only be reached by those
level 20 or under using the PORTALS. The three portals rooms are magical
locations that open gateways to places that are scattered throughout the
realms - some at a very great distance indeed - for the convenience of
newcomers to Lusternia. Just READ SIGN in each portals room to see where all
of those nifty portals lead.

Newton - Outside Newton is Trader Bob, the merchant, who will sell intrepid
young explorers some items to aid them on their initial ventures. It is
recommended that you ask your guild what things you will need, as many will
offer to help you get started as well. There is a connection from the Portals
to Newton.

Feel free to also explore other areas of the Basin of Life, though you may not
want to seek advise from your guild mates first on the best places to explore.

To avoid getting lost, be sure to make use of the Cartography Maps on
Lusternia's website!

Guild and Guild Rank

Lusternia boasts a massive twenty-eight guilds. Each guild has at least three
skills in a combination unique to that guild, and each skill is made up of
dozens of abilities. Some skills have specializations, and some guilds have
different skillchoice selections in which three guild skills you will take.

When you join a guild you will have none of the guild skills and will need to
look at SKILLCHOICE LIST to see what is available to you in your guild.

When you have determined the skills available you will choose them with

Skills, Learning, and Lessons

The most important skills - your guild skills - are not the only options.
Just use the SKILLS command to see which skills you have access to, and may
train in.

These other skills, such as Discernment, Environment, Combat, and others, are
not generally as important as your guild skills, yet they can make quite a

Increasing your level of skill is straightforward: find another
adventurer/player (or a denizen tutor) to be your teacher, and (for example)

LEARN 15 COMBAT FROM MIAKODA -- This will spend 15 of your lessons on improving
your level of skill in Combat, assuming that Miakoda knows more Combat than you

You gain lessons each time you gain a level of experience. Check how many
lessons you have available with CREDIT REPORT.

You can also get more lessons by converting credits to lessons, using CREDITS
CONVERT TO LESSONS. Each credit converts into 6 lessons.

Experience, Levels, and Power

In Lusternia we have 100 mortal levels of experience. Once you have finished
the Journey through the Portal of Fate, you will be level 2. As you rise in
level of experience, you gain expanded access to Lusternia in a variety of
ways, and your maximum health, mana, ego will increase. You also gain lessons
and credits! 

Eventually, you will transcend the need for food or sleep, and finally, you 
may reach level 99, at which point you may become a Titan. If you excel even
further you will transcend many mortal limitations and walk amongst them as 
one of Lusternia's Demigods!

To increase in level, you must gain experience, which you can do by:

    * Completing Quests that you discover throughout Lusternia (such as Newbie
    * PK - player killing - with other adventurers like yourself
    * NPCs/Mobs/Denizens - hunting the monsters and creatures you encounter
                           throughout Lusternia
    * Influence - If you choose a more peaceful approach to life, you may learn
                  the skills of influencing, and beg from, flirt with, or tease
                  many denizens across Lusternia in order to gain experience.

It's not all a bed of roses though: it's possible to lose experience as well,
both during combat and after, if you lose and die. If you lose enough
experience, your level may decrease.
Gold, Credits, and Artifacts

Gold, also called gold sovereigns, is the primary form of money in Lusternia.
You can gain gold in quests, in killing denizens, in begging from denizens,
and through theft. It's probably safest to keep your gold in a container -
like your backpack - or in banks.

Of the many ways to earn gold which you will discover in your journeys,
several are accessible even to those of very low levels of experience:

    * Completing quests (which often give experience also),
    * Ratting/weeviling - working for some cities to help keep their
                          rat infestations down.

Credits are a sort of currency too. You can gain credits in a variety of

    * Free credits given at certain levels
    * Purchasing on the credit market for gold
    * Winning them as prizes in our bardic/artistic competitions
    * Acquiring them from the Lusternia web site.

Artifacts are not money, but they are very valuable items that can give great
power to the bearer. You may purchase artifacts for credits at the various
shops for that purpose in the Artifact shops on Avechna's Teeth, the mountain
range leading up to the Fulcrux of the Divine.
Containers and Dimensional Pockets

It's likely that you'll accumulate a lot of stuff as you wander Lusternia.
This brings a new challenge: where can you put it all? Depending on exactly
what stuff we're talking about, you'll want to use containers or the rift.

Containers: The pack you got during the Journey through the Portal of Fate
is one of many possible containers you may find. Some can be closed and
opened again, such as boxes. All hold a limited number of items, and all are
useful for keeping track of your growing mountain of possessions!

Dimensional Pockets: There are also storage spaces designed primarily for
commodities, herbs and inks. The Rift is a planar skill that provides a personal
dimensional pocket. If something can go into a dimensional pocket and is not
in a dimensional pocket, it will fall to the ground each time your adventurer
leaves Lusternia. Finally, there are a few special dimensional pocket items
designed for specifically for guild skill items, such as tarot decks for tarot
cards, or runebags for runes.

Quests and Combat

Quests are a series of tasks that you can do to earn a reward. Some quests are
relatively simple and easy to complete, such as killing a denizen and giving
its corpse to another denizen in return for gold. Quests can also be immersive
and lengthy, requiring you to complete many tasks, travel around an area, and
find or deliver items for denizens. Completing quests can reward you with gold,
experience, and karma, but also with an addition to your honours (these quests
are sometimes called "honours quests").

There are many quests in Lusternia and you can find many in the Newton Caverns
area that are reserved just for new players. These quests can range from the
simple slaying of finks and gnomes to complex quests that will take you
throughout the Caverns and beyond the mysterious portals into new lands. The
best way to obtain quests is to GREET the denizens (also known as mobs or NPCs)
that you find. Not all denizens offer quests, but by GREETing the various ones
you will come across, you will find hints and even requests that may set you
on the path to glory.

Combat, also called PvP (Player versus Player) or PK (Player Killing), pits
adventurers against one another. This can take the form of "duels" between
two adventurers or group battles as the various organizations of Lusternia vie
for supremacy. Combat can also take place in the arenas of the realm, but this
combat is more controlled and virtually risk-free for participants.
Successfully participating in combat will require knowledge of curatives and
healing yourself (which can be found in HELP CURELIST), but also how best to
attack and cripple your opponent. Combat is many-layered, involving protecting
yourself, using your weapons and skills to good effect, and knowing the
weakness of your opponents. 

HELP 13 contains an index of combat related information, for those who wish to
follow the subject further.

Combat can happen almost anywhere, though those who do not wish to involve
themselves in combat on the Prime Material Plane are protected by Avenger
Justice (HELP AVENGER for how this works). Those who oppress others using
combat will soon find themselves struck down by the power of Avechna. However,
Avechna does not protect those who are not on the Prime Plane or those who
venture into enemy territory. Those who suffer death will gain Divine Grace,
which will protect them from further attacks for a short while, though you can
REJECT GRACE to rid yourself of this protection or it will wear off on its own.
Healing and Afflictions

As your adventures take you through Lusternia you will undoubted become hurt
while hunting, engaging in combat with other adventurers, or during encounters
with hostile animals and beings. Using your skills and fighting off beasts and
enemies will cost you in health, ego, and mana. Luckily, all of those can be
restored by drinking special potions! The three most common potions area:
healing (restores health), mana (restores mana), and bromides (restores ego).

Potions are carried in vials, which can be made from many different gems.
Drinking a potion from these vials will restore your health, mana, and ego
though the potion will not heal you again for a short period of time after you
drink it. To drink a potion, you can SIP . For example, if you are scratched
by a fink in the Newton Caverns, you will lose health. You can SIP HEALING to
restore your health, so long as you have a vial of healing potion in your
inventory. Potions can be purchased from Trader Bob's shop at the base of
Avechna's Peak, shops owned by adventurers, and from skilled alchemists.

Another common injury, besides damage to health, mana, and ego, is that of
broken bones. When your bones are broken, you will be unable to use that part
of your body. A broken arm will prevent you from swinging one of your weapons,
and a broken leg will hinder your ability to walk and use other skills and
abilities. Fortunately, you can use the mending salve to heal your broken

Salves, like potions, are held in vials, but you APPLY them instead of sipping
them. Salves must be applied to the part of your body that is affected. For
example, if you fell out of a tree and broke your leg, you could APPLY MENDING
TO LEG to mend your broken bones, as long as you have a vial of mending in
your inventory.

As you face more difficult enemies, you can be injured and become afflicted
with many impairments. You will find that to cure some things, you will need
to go beyond the basic potions and salves. For example, two common afflictions
are blindness and deafness. These can be cured by eating the a myrtle herb
using EAT MYRTLE. There are a wide variety of herbs to cure afflictions. Most
of them are eaten, though some can also be smoked in pipes. HELP HEALING
YOURSELF contains helpful instructions on the types of cures that are
available and how to use them. HELP AFFLICTIONS contains the full list off
afflictions and their cures.


So you have died... well don't fret, it happens to everyone sooner or later.
The important thing to keep in mind is that death is not a permanent state in
Lusternia. Should you find yourself dead, remember to stay calm. There are
multiple ways to rejoin the world of the living.

After you die, all that will be left behind are your crumpled remains and your
soul. You will find your mana draining as you try to maintain your link with
the living. Should it run out, you will begin losing somewhat more of your
experience, so it is best to return to life as quickly as possible. There are
many abilities and methods for all the organizations to resurrect their fallen
comrades, and depending on the situation they may restore your life by one of
these methods. However, should your mana begin to run too low, or if there is
no one to revive you, the best way is simply to PRAY FOR SALVATION. There is
an additional cost if you are forced to pray.

After praying, you will find yourself outside the Portal of Fate. You will
also discover you are walking with the Grace of the Gods. This means that, for
a short period of time, no one can harm you and you cannot harm anyone. To
remove this sooner that it would take to wear off, you will need to REJECT
GRACE. You will also discover that you are still holding all of your
possessions and your gold-- they are not torn from you by death.

The important thing is not to dwell on the small experience loss, but rather
learn from the mistakes that led up to your death. You will find that
experience can be gained and lost quickly, but the knowledge you gain from
your experience will stay with you throughout your entire life in Lusternia.

Getting Help

There are many ways to get help! Lusternia is vast and often difficult to get
accustomed to when you first arrive. Do not be afraid to ask questions-- other
adventurers are often the best source of knowledge. There are three primary
locations for asking questions:

    * The Newbie channel (often referred to as an Aether) can be spoken on by
      using NEWBIE. For example, NEWBIE What should I do now that I have
      stepped through the Portal? This channel is listened to by a large
      number of the Basin's population, and you should be able to get answers
      to most of your general questions here.
    * GNT, your guild's novice aether, is another good source of information.
      Guild-specific things can be asked here, as well as general questions.
    * TELLS are also used quite frequently-- if there's someone who has shown
      an interest in helping you, don't be afraid to throw them a quick TELL
      with a question!

You can also choose a mentor. A mentor is someone who agrees to take you on
as their student, who should be willing to devote the time and effort required
to help you succeed. Non-general, very specific questions can be posed to your
mentor - after all, they have decided to help you above and beyond!

Going Ahead From Here

Lusternia is a wonderful and amazing place, and it is what you make of it! You
can review the maps, get accustomed to the layout of the Basin, but the best
way to get involved is just to dive right in. Enjoy your new life!