Ethereal and mysterious, the Elder Goddess Lisaera came to Lusternia a century
after Estarra's coming, quickly aligning Herself with the Serenwilde Commune.
Often linked to the Ethereal Realm, Lisaera has millennia-long ties to the Fae,
and is kin to Auseklis, the First Wanderer and Master of the Wild. Together,
They guided the mortals whose interests lie in the forests and nature, until
the Wanderer returned to His wanderings, and one day, Lisaera followed in
search of His footsteps.

Her return to the First World came at the desperate beckoning of Serenwilde,
when Her greatest awakened Nature Spirit, Mother Moon, fell sick. Having
healed Moon with Her own essence, she quickly aligned with the Serenwilde once
more to guide its steps with Charune, the Horned One and Lord of the Hunt.

Bearing a deep-seated wariness of all cities, She does not trust that which is
built upon nature, preferring that Her followers live in harmony with it.
Bearing particular fondness for Elfen and Faelings due to their origins in Her
splintered sister Elfenehoala, Lisaera is known to be contemptuous of those
races twisted by the Taint, the Orcs and Viscanti. For the Illithoid She bears
the deepest hatred of all, for they are splinters of the Soulless Illith who
consumed or destroyed countless Elders. 

Mysterious and changeable, Lisaera exhibits a threefold nature that is
reflected in Her varying Manifestations, much like Her awakened Moon Spirit.
Walking also in the garb of all Seasons, She is of the mind that there is a
time for everything in the natural course of awareness: life and death, light
and darkness, joy and sorrow, aggression and peace, and that the wise would
endure and learn to rise from all circumstances. 

Tending towards the spiritual and magical facets of nature, She is also fond
of rituals and often harnesses the powers of the elements for Her own uses. 

Her symbol is a silver chalice wreathed in ethereal vines.