LIMITED ARTIFACTS - Lusternia Online Help


Some limited-release artifacts are sold at auction or during realm events that 
will not otherwise be available, some of which are summarized below.


Please note that some of these artifacts may become available at a
later date, but are currently only sold during Lusternian Auctions.

Amulet of Resurrection
   - This amazing amulet grants you the power to resurrect
     another once every Lusternian day. Although you do not need
     the corpse to perform this miracle, you do need to be in the 
     same room as the disembodied soul. The only known amulets of
     resurrection are in the possession of the Ur'Guard Ixion and the
     Illuminatus Shuyin.

Cloak of Thorns
   - When this razor-sharp cloak is worn, anyone attacking you in close 
     proximity will sometimes have their skin torn, causing bleeding.

Super Pet!
   - This pet is fully equipped. It flies. It's a mount. It's sentient
     and invincible. The owner will describe it, and it will receive 5
     reactions. Unlike any other pet in existence, however, this pet
     will occasionally give out the stupidity affliction.

Vial of Neverending Healing
   - This vial will never run out of healing potion!

Vial of Neverending Mana
   - This vial will never run out of mana potion!

Vial of Neverending Bromides
   - This vial will never run out of bromides!

Wand of Fire
   - This wand will cause firewalls to rise up and block all
     exits in a room. This wand only works in outdoor locations.

Wand of Ice
   - This wand will cause icewalls to rise up and block all
     exits in a room. This wand only works in outdoor locations.

Wand of Illusions
   - This wand allows the casting of the basic illusion spell by
     anyone. However, the equilibrium time for casting by a
     non-illusionist is longer than that of the standard illusion
     spell. In the hands of an illusionist, however, the casting time
     is shorter than normal.

Tully's Golden Broom
   - This amazing broom can be used to clear the area of rubbish and
     leave a lovely golden pine scent in the room.
     Syntax: BROOMSWEEP.

Great Rune of the Magi
   - This rune will reduce mana costs by 20%