KEYS - Lusternia Online Help

7.7 KEYS

A key is what is used to open locks on doors, chests, or other lockable
things. Keys are able to open up to six different locks but generally only a
God is able to set which locks a particular key can open. If you have a key
and it has your mark on it, you will be able to take it to a locksmith, 
and ask him or her to copy it for you.

If you have a key with your mark on it, then go to a locksmith and type:
COPY <key> FOR <person>

Attempting to copy a key that does not have your mark on it could have
unpleasant consequences.

Locksmiths can also create brand new keys for those who own the shop.  
To do so, go to the locksmith of your shop's city or commune and type:


If you would like to change the lock on your shop, so all current keys 
will no longer work for it, go to the locksmith and type:


NOTE: The shop name used for this is the "game" name of your shop. Your 
city or commune's chancellor can get this name for you.