KEGS AND ENERGY CUBES - Lusternia Online Help


There are two special types of storage items that are used differently in shops than other items. Kegs are used to refill vials with potions and energy cubes are used to recharge enchanted items.

Kegs are considered a type of box container and are made by Artisans. Alchemists may fill kegs from their alembics, just as though they were vials. However, kegs may hold enough liquid to fill up to 100 vials. Kegs can then be used to refill vials.

   Syntax: REFILL <vial> FROM <keg>

When a keg is priced in a shop, the price set is how much the shopkeeper is charging for each vial refill. You must bring your own vial, of course, to use a refill.

Energy cubes are created by Jewelers. Enchanters may enchant an energy cube which will fill it with raw energy. Note that energy cubes absorb energy at a much faster rate than normal enchanting. An energy cube may contain enough raw energy that is the equivalent of 1000 enchantment charges. The raw energy can then be used to recharge enchanted jewellery and scrolls. (NOTE: Magic tomes may not be recharged by an energy cube.)

   Syntax: RECHARGE <item> FROM <cube>

When an energy cube is priced in a shop, the price set by the shopkeeper is the cost per charge. When recharging an item, the energy cube must have enough energy to fully recharge the item and it will always fully recharge the item.

NOTE: Both cubes and kegs must be priced separately.