KALIKAI, THE CRIMSON EYE - Lusternia Online Help


A Goddess of the Second Circle, Kalikai fought in the Elder Wars as a member of the Crimson Eyes Cadre, coordinating the battles and planning the strategic advances. Despite Her success on the battlefield, Her reputation among the Elders was another matter entirely, Her fondness of firemead and becoming intoxicated through any means available as well as Her habit of finding a nickname for everyone was often perceived as irritating and did not grant Her much favour among certain Circles. Returning to the First World in modern times, Kalikai soon aligned Herself with the city of Gaudiguch, having found their easy-going and lively nature to Her liking. 

Favouring the rush and thrill of battle above all else, Kalikai looks fondly upon those that fight despite the odds yet know the value of good planning and strategy. She emphasises on individuality and personal freedom, encouraging Her followers to develop their own opinion and values. Most of all however, she appreciates a good sense of humour coupled with a strong and unbending will among Her Following.

Her symbol is a crimson eye, wreathed in yellow flames.