Jeremiah Gryphta, the first and foremost trader in dingbat wares, can often
be found strolling the Enigmatic Stairs of Avechna's Peak.

Note: Some of these items are limited edition and will not always be 
available during every promotional campaign.


o Gryphta's Olde Tyme Healing Tonic (5 dingbats)
  - Permanent and resets to owner
  - Every Lusternian month, it refills with a different tasty tonic 
    that is sure to cure what ails you, or at least make you forget 
    about it! 
  - Holds 25 sips

o Talking Dolls (15 dingbats)
  - Permanent and resets to owner
  - These chatty dolls will keep you entertained for hours. Choose from:
    +  Coronuli fae (burns doll)
    +  Rhianna Shee-Slaugh (twinkle doll)
    +  Weeky Peedia, the Furrikin Savant (ponder doll)
    +  Marani Veloske (pearls doll)
    +  Sciomore, the Logician (incline doll)

  + Dollhouse (75 dingbats)
    - Syntax: DOLLHOUSE
    - Store your dolls in this fancy house!

  + Curiobox (75 dingbats)
    - Syntax: CURIOBOX 
    - Store your completed curios in this nifty container!

o Rare Slow-Decay Containers (200 dingbats)
  - Permanent and resets to owner
  - Each container holds 100 items and never decays
  - Any items stored in these containers decay at half the normal rate
  - Owner can KNOCK <container> to seal the container shut so no one else
    can open it, and KNOCK again to unseal the container
    **EXCEPTION** The top hat you TAP to seal/unseal and the boa you RUFFLE

o Fickle Finger of Fate (15 dingbats)
  - Permanent and resets to owner
  - Ask a question and get an answer from the Fates themselves!
  - For amusement purposes only (though the answers are uncannily accurate)
  - Syntax: PULL FINGER

o Scarecrow Hat (100 dingbats)
  - Permanent and resets to owner
  - While wearing a scarecrow hat, denizens are so disgusted at the sight 
    that they will not notice any other clothing you are wearing that has 
    any positive prestige. (They will however notice any negative prestige.)

o Smoking Pipe (10 dingbats)
  - Permanent and resets to owner
  - Creates simple, colourful smoke shapes which are decorative only.
  - Syntax: LIGHT PIPE

o Magic Candy Box (200 dingbats)
  - Permanent and resets to owner
  - 33% chance of generating one random candy (out of 11 types) every
    Lusternian day.  The box holds 12 candies, and will stop producing
    when full until you take one out. Open your own candy shop!

o Ridiculous Pig Nose (150 dingbats)
  - Permanent and resets to owner
  - Allows use of the SCENT command, which attempts to smell out
    everyone in the same area and where they are

o Magical Map of Mystery (150 dingbats)
  - Permanent and resets to owner
  - INSCRIBE MAP WITH <name> will show you the name of the location
    of that person and show the actual map (if it exists).

o Rainbow Vials (40 dingbats) 
  - Permanent and resets to owner
  - A type of arcane vial which cause any liquid poured into it to double
    the number of sips for the vial (up to a maximum of 110 sips).
  - They never decay.
  - They fill up to their maximum holding capacity, in the case of
    potions, while only using the same amount of potion it would take to
    fill a normal vial.
  - For poisons, it will double the amount extracted (though the total
    sips is still dependent upon the skill of the poisoner).
  - For the purposes of Planar LiquidRifts, these count as having a Great
    Rune of Glassworking attached (so they can link to five different fluids).
  - You can POINT VIAL AT <target> to splash them with harmless, though
    colourful, liquids!

o Snowman (50 dingbats)
  - Manse item.
  - Allows you to create snowballs in the room the snowman is in.

o Fate Deck (125 dingbats)
 - Allows playing the Fate Game. 
 - See HELP FATE GAME for details.
 - Betting possible!
   + the Deck of the Fae
   + the Deck of Mutable Chaos
   + the Deck of Supreme Harmony
   + the Deck of Celestial Radiance
   + the Deck of Utter Damnation
   + the Deck of the Fates
   + the Deck of the Aetheric Expanse

o Iron Cowbell (100 dingbats)
  - Syntax: RING COWBELL
  - All cows and sheep in same room as you will immediately follow.

o Cowhide Boots (150 dingbats)
  - Avoid bumping into all cows while worn.

o Rolling Barrel (50 dingbats)
 - TOSS BARREL [dir]
 - Will roll in one direction and knock down everyone in the room(s) it rolls
 - Does not knock down anyone in the same room as thrown.
 - Disappears when used, will reappear in the inventory once per day

o Colourful Wicker Basket (75 dingbats)
  - SHAKE BASKET to open/close it (owner restricted)
  - Slows decay on food (only)
  - Holds 50 items

o Capricious Umbrella (75 dingbats)
  - When you open the umbrella it will rain heavily, cleaning everyone EXCEPT
  - Otherwise works like nature's rain.

o Bottle of Clarramore's Finest (50 dingbats)
  - Fills with a random perfume once per month

o Prayer Beads (25 dingbats)
  - TOUCH <beads> to customize it per your god (if available)
  - Allows prayer to your god (only) anywhere and anytime.

o Lampwork Hookah (30 dingbats)
  - Put in an herb and LIGHT HOOKAH
  - Gives occasional ambient messages.

o Magic Carpet (250db) 
  - Grants flying to you and the people (but not denizens) in your entourage 
  - You must MOUNT the carpet to fly
  - SPUR CARPET SKYWARDS to fly, LAND to come back down
  - TOUCH CARPET will bring the carpet back into your inventory from the
  - Alternatively, CALL CARPET can be used to summon it from afar.

o Heart Pendant (100 dingbats)
  - See a message when your spouse logs into the realms.

o Boots of the Wanderer (300 dingbats)
  - Allows use of mystic pathways used by ecologists and hunters when worn.

o Wind Flute (150 dingbats)
  - Eliminates the effects of strong winds, such as loss of speech and being
    blown out of trees, in a room for a period of time. 
  - Usable three times per game day. 
  - Clears wind in room for one hour.

o Miniature of a Ghodak Board (125 dingbats)
  - Manse item (need a manse to activate)
  - ACTIVATE <board> - will set up the ghodak board in your manse (permanent)
  - See HELP GHODAK for how to play.

o Tessera Board (125 dingbats)
  - DROP <board> to set up board (will reset to your inventory)
  - TOUCH <board> to immediately return to your inventory
  - See HELP TESSERA for how to play.

o Dartboard (125 dingbats)
  - DROP <board> to set up board (will reset to your inventory)
  - PUSH <board> to return it to your inventory
  - See HELP DARTS for how to play.

o Beepbeep Toys (15 dingbats)
  - Permanent and resets to owner.
  - Disappears for fifteen RL minutes after use.
  - These mischevious little toys will visit a friend and relay a message.
    Choose from:
    + A pink piglet (squeeze)
    + A tiny pixie (squeeze)
    + A fuzzy spider (squeeze)
    + A white skull (punt)
    + A tiny, blue-feathered wakabi (squeeze)
    + A leprechaun (squeeze)
    + A shadow leprechaun (squeeze)
    + A gingerbread man (squeeze)
  - Syntax: <command> <object> FOR <target> [SAYING <message>]

o A Leprechaun's Medal of Profligate Inebriation (175 dingbats)
  - This little token of membership in the Leprechaun's alcoholics' association
    prevents the loss of your tolerance to booze as time passes.

o A stopped watch (50 dingbats)
  - Prevents your age from being discernable via HONOURS.

o A heartbreaker's amulet (50 dingbats)
  - Never again will your exes haunt your future love prospects. Hides any
    divorces you may have had from HONOURS.

o A Locket of Changeling Memories (150 dingbats)
  - This locket unlocks the memories of the Changeling, such that you may 
    perform any racially-restricted emote.

o Manse Tenant Generators
  - These generators are items that can be used to create manse tenants who
    will roam around your manse. Manse tenants are NOT loyal to the owner 
    and can be bashed if one wishes. They also may not be customized. 
  - You can call a maximum number per game month (depending on the generator);
    however, there can never be more than the max in existence at any time. 
  - Manse Tenant Generators can only be used by the owner. 
  - They must be anchored in the manse before use with the following command:
    ANCHOR <generator> (UNANCHOR <generator> to pick back up).
  - Currently released:
    o Bell Rack (ring bell to generate up to 3 maids): 30 db
    o Yurt (pull yurt to generate up to 3 bards ): 30 db
    o Closet (knock closet to generate up to 3 butlers): 30 db
    o Bookshelf (pull bookshelf to generate up to 3 scholars): 30 db
    o Library Desk (ring desk to generate up to 3 librarians: 30 db
    o Tassel (pull tassel to generate up to 3 man-servants: 30 db
    o Chicken Coop (ring coop to generate up to 6 purple chickens): 60 db
    o Birdcage (turn cage to generate up to 6 hummingbirds): 60 db
    o Cat Box (say 'kitty kitty kitty' to generate up to 6 cats): 60 db
    o Cocoon (sing cocoon to generate up to 6 butterflies): 60 db 
    o Crypt (knock crypt to generate up to 20 zombies): 200 db 
  - NOTE: Tenants will not work for most quests (i.e., scholar quest, etc.)

o Blue Circle of Light (5 dingbats)
  - Floats around room of a manse.
  - Prevents wandering mobs from entering room, includes tenants and dwellers.
  - They must be anchored in the manse before use with the following command:
    ANCHOR <generator> (UNANCHOR <generator> to pick back up).

o Red Circle of Light (10 dingbats)
  - Floats around room of a manse.
  - Tenants generated within the circle are berserk.
  - They will even attack the manse owner!
  - They must be anchored in the manse before use with the following command:
    ANCHOR <generator> (UNANCHOR <generator> to pick back up).

o Bottle of Clarramore's Worst (200 dingbats)
  - Spray in room for skunk effect up to 5x per game day 

o Divine Idol (150 dingbats)
  - Only works if you are in a divine order.
  - TOUCH IDOL to tune it to your order.