ITEMS AND MOBILES - Lusternia Online Help


7.1    Denizens          Some general info about denizens/mobiles/npcs/cccs.
7.2    Gold              The syntax for interacting with gold.
7.3    Sigils            Useful, magical symbols.
7.4    Loyalty           Read about making mobiles loyal to you.
7.4.1  Naming            Naming your loyals.
7.5    Doors             The syntaxes for interacting with doors.
7.6    Locks             The syntaxes for interacting with locks.
7.7    Keys              Keys and how to copy them.
7.8    Buckets           A fire fighter's chief tool.
7.9    Questitems        Read how quest items differ from normal items.
7.10   Throwing          Learn how to throw things at or to people.
7.11   Pocketbelts       A very useful item to store quantities of plants.
7.12   Clothing          Information about the variety of clothing.
7.13   Groupingitems     Some items can be 'grouped' and treated as one.
7.14   Dimension Pocket  Items that act as dimensional pockets.
7.15   Enchanted Items   Useful spells can be found on enchanted items.
7.16   Tinctures         Tints have many uses, especially for artists.
7.17   Bodypiercing      Who wouldn't want to stick holes in their skin?
7.17.1 Piercings         Where they are, how many, etc.
7.18   Drugs             You too can become a junkie if you're dumb enough.
7.19   Furniture         Sit, lounge or lie down upon fine furniture.
7.20   Curios            Collectible items from a lost civilization!
7.20.1 Hair Curios       Special curios that can be worn on the head.
7.20.2 Marionette Curios Special curios that can be used for roleplay.
7.20.3 Cooking Curios    Special curios that can transform cooked items.
7.20.4 Bubble Curios     Special curios that transport to Prime areas.
7.20.5 Pet Curios        Special animal curios search or report items/people.
7.20.6 Poteen Curios     Special curios that grant bonuses and burped pets.
7.21   Tradeskill Items  The various items created via trade skills.
7.22   Wonder Items      Special items created with crystals of wonder.
       7.22.1 Wonderwand 
       7.22.2 Wonderwings 
       7.22.3 Wonderpipe 
       7.22.4 Wonderhorn 
       7.22.5 Wondercornucopia 
       7.22.6 Wonderbelt 
       7.22.7 Wondermask 
       7.22.8 Wonderbrazier
7.23   Triple Jct Brews  Rare drinks from the Triple Junction Inn.
7.24   Curio Market      Buy and sell curios or pieces on the free market.