ITEM CUSTOMISATION - Lusternia Online Help


Item customisation: what is it? It 
- programming an item so it responds to triggers (programming customisation)
- changes the appearance of an item (description customisation),
- affects whether the item decays (non-decay customisation), or
- returns to its owner (reset customisation)

Details as to how to get customised descriptions, non-decay, and resetting are
found below, along with who to email and how to make your request.

* Most, but not all, (non-mobile) items may be customised.
* Some class loyals may be customised.
* Forged items may now be made non-decay or resetting. However, those wishing to do so will always be encouraged to do so via the attachment of weapon or combat runes over simply paying for non-decay and/or reset.

* Quest items may never be customised in any way.
* Mounts or steeds may never be customised in any way.
* 'Permanent' Loyals (via collar of the Dracnari Beastmasters) may not be
customised at all (if you want customisation of this kind, that's what a pet is
* Any item which has been enchanted.
* Class Skill-specific items (such as crow cloaks) may never be customised with
  non-decay or resetting.

PROGRAMMING - Programming an item to be set for reactions.
              Most items can be programmed.
              Programming allows a response for manipulation
              such as turning, wearing, shaking, wielding.
              After initial programming is set up, extra
              reactions can be added later. 
              **Extra charge for speaking.**

DESCRIPTION - Change the way the item appears (and some guild loyals).
              Most items may have custom descriptions.
              Artifacts may have custom descriptions.
              Descriptions may not change the basic nature of the thing.

NON-DECAY   - Your item never decays (with restrictions: ask first!)
              No forged items. No quest items.
              No enchanted items.
              Artifacts are already NON-DECAY.
              A few items are already NON-DECAY.
              Can be purchased without RESETTING.

RESETTING   - Item returns to your inventory on a regular basis.
              Most items may be made to RESET to their owner.
              Quest items may not be given a custom RESET.
              Artifacts already RESET to their owner.
              BENEFIT: the item won't stay stolen (it always comes back!)
              BENEFIT: the item can't be destroyed by nexus or any other means.
              BENEFIT: RESETTING _includes_ NON-DECAY. In fact, you can't
                       buy RESETTING without also buying NON-DECAY.
PROGRAMMING - 100 credits (includes 1 reaction, 25cr for each extra)
DESCRIPTION -  50 credits (new alias +25 credits, see below)
NON-DECAY   -  50 credits
RESETTING   - 100 credits. *includes NON-DECAY*

You may combine DESCRIPTION and NON-DECAY for 100 credits. You may combine
DESCRIPTION and RESETTING for 150 credits. RESETTING already includes

Do not send or transfer credits! Payment will be taken directly when the work
is done. You do nothing but request the customisation.

The initial cost for setting an item up for programming is 100 credits which includes one reaction. After it is set-up extra reactions can be added (at any time) at a cost of 25 credits/reaction. Reactions are generally ambient responses (which can be coloured upon request). Reactions at this time include
-random (item gives a message approx. 1/hour)
-break (reaction upon using the break command)
-drunk (if the item is a liquid container)
-eaten (if it is a food item)
-picked up
-lit (if it is a pipe or something that can be lit)
-locked (if it has a lock)
-opened (if it is a container that has a lid)
-closed (if it is a container that has a lid)
-played (if it is an instrument)
-pointed at (i.e., pointing the item at something)
-removed (jewellery/clothes only, item being taken off)
-rung (like a bell)
-smoked (if it is pipe)
-taken (picked up)
-unlocked (if item has a lock)
-worn (jewellery/clothes only, item being put on)

**Special Item Program**
Speaking (100cr as add-on or 175cr for program+speaking): You can make your item speak by emoting to it. Example: 
  - nod staff1234 hello, I am happy.
  - The staff says, 'Hello, I am happy.'
Note you provide what the "say" text looks like (The staff says, The staff whines, etc.). Also, it will NOT be coloured on the say channel (though you can choose a colour). No one will see the emote to the speaking object.

Artifacts already reset, and are non-decaying, but you may still customise
their appearance. WARNING: the cost of customisation does not increase artifact
tradein value (see HELP ARTIFACT_TRADEIN).

Forged items may be customised in description.
Contrary to previous rulings they MAY now be made non-decay and/or resetting. However this should be done as a last resort and it is strongly preferred that you use weapon or combat runes (such as a Great Rune of Gripping) rather than requesting non-decay and/or resetting.

Quest items may not be customised in any way.

You can do pretty much whatever you want in customising an item, as long as you
don't try to change the basic type of thing which it is. A ring can't become a
shield, for example, and a musical instrument can't become a cloak. 
***UNDER SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCES ONLY** You can add an alias to an item (a box to become a chest, for example). This costs an extra 25cr over and above the normal customisation amount (total 75 credits). This is only available after admin review and will not be allowed in all circumstances. It must be requested by emailing and not through the CUSTOMIZE command.

Some guild-loyal creatures may also be customised, but in a different
manner. First, check with your guild for any applicable rules. Second, contact
the guild patron, who will handle these customizations in accordance with
established rules that vary from guild to guild, patron to patron.

Many guild-loyals are not customisable however.

A rogue wishing customizations on guild-related items should appeal first to
his personal Patron, if they have one, or to mail if not.

Most items of jewellery now decay, though we anticipate the provision of a method
to repair jewellery, extending life indefinitely. You may request all forms of
customisation for JEWELLERY (Description, NON-DECAY, and RESET, which includes


If you are just changing the item's descriptions or making an item reset or non-decay, you can do this quickly and easily using the CUSTOMIZE command. 

Entering CUSTOMIZE without any arguments will give you the full list of syntax. If there are any problems with the customisation, the administration will reject your application and you will be able to edit it and resubmit, similar to the design review process.

Acquire the item. Identify it by name and ID number. Send this in an email to Write down what you believe this
will cost, in credits. Then include the following three things:

SHORT DESC - what is seen when using INV, II, or IH.
             Do not capitalise; little or no punctuation.
LONG DESC  - what is seen when the item is on the floor.
             Make this a sentence, with initial capital and final "."
EXT DESC   - what you see when you PROBE it or look at the item directly 
             Multiple sentences allowed. Have fun with it!

This is also the time to include any more complex customisation you want, such as programming. Please include full and complete details when you do so.

Check with your guild for relevant rules. Contact your guild patron with
the item name and ID number. Give the three descriptions above (short, long,
and ext) plus the following:

DEATH MESSAGE - What is seen when the guild-loyal is dead on the floor.
ENTRY MESSAGE - What is seen when the creature enters a room.
EXIT MESSAGE  - What is seen when the creature leaves a room.
(the way to specify the direction of entry or departure is to use $DIR. See
example below.

SHORT DESC - a hazelwood vial
LONG DESC  - A beautiful vial glowing red in the light has been left here.
EXT DESC   - This vial is made of a grey wood with a distinct reddish tinge
that glows in the light.  It is carved into the shape of a butterfly in flight.
 The wings are nearly translucent and shimmering with reddish and bluish hues.
There are tiny diamonds inset as the eyes of the butterfly seem to glisten in
the light filtering through a forest.

SHORT DESC - an unformed thing of chaos
LONG DESC  - An unformed thing of chaos bubbles in on top of itself.
EXT DESC   - A bubbling mass of flesh erupts forth with the head of a man, the
wings of a vulture, the tail of a scorpion and the legs of a lion.  Gruesome
and unbelievable, this creature must be some project that the Goddess of Chaos
forgot to finish in her fickleness.

DEATH MESSAGE - The thing of chaos is bleeding a thick green ichor.
ENTRY MESSAGE - An unformed thing slides in from the $DIR.
EXIT MESSAGE  - An unformed thing slides out to the $DIR.