ISUNE, THE AESTHETE - Lusternia Online Help


Known before the Elder Wars for such acts as painting the sky bright with the dawn, Isune was one of the last Elders to leave during their war against the Soulless, and so witnessed the deaths and splintering of many whom She loved, and suffered grievous wounds Herself. This, and the dark history of the Wyrd that surrounds Her in the modern age, both left the compassionate Goddess changed; Her emphasis has fallen to the beautification of Lusternia in body and soul, and as such, She oversees the city of Hallifax in memory of Her sister, Trillillial, seeing it as a steady beacon of hope in a world scarred by the Soulless's touch. 
Intrigued and entranced by mortals and their potential, Isune is often content to idly watch those who would seek Her and urge them to put their talents to use. She holds the act of making viable creations from raw materials in the highest regard, be it blade forged of metal or a poem writ of emotion. Beauties wrought with light, colour, and sound are Her passions, and to these endeavours She now devotes Herself. As serious as Her initial impressions may appear, however, She is particularly fond of whimsical games and contests that test mortal character and ability. She despises the Soulless, Taint, and creations warped from their natural state by these, considering them flawed and defaced works. 
Isune often appears in likeness of a resplendent and noble trill, but with empyrean wings and unparalleled grace and beauty. However, She has been known to manifest in many forms, from the smallest of winged creatures, to the mightiest birds of prey, and these beings are often identified with Her.  
Her symbols are a bird of paradise upon a field of stars, and a stark white falcon set against the blazing dawn.