IOSAI THE ANOMALY - Lusternia Online Help


Iosai returned to the First World at the summons of Her brother, Sior, to assist Him in His work. Bearing an identical quill as Her brother, Iosai weaves the fabric of creation as She sees fit, the essence of existence spilling forth from the slightest movement of Her fingers. The depth of Her influence is limited only by Her own creativity and the constraints placed upon Her by the Eternal Estarra.

She cares little for the affairs of mortals, spending most of Her time in the company of Roark Libertas and Her brother in understanding and manipulating the threads of reality. Despite this, She is often impressed by mortals who strive to find unique and inspired solutions to any challenges which confront them.

On the 24th of Dvarsh, 368 years after the Coming of Estarra, Iosai, second of the Divine Anomalies, bound Her essence around the queen mother of all bugs, annihiliating its paradoxical nature with Her own anomalous being. The resulting explosion left no trace of either entity. The invaluable participation of the mortals of Lusternia in the leading up to Iosai's disappearance is gladly noted.

However, on the 3rd of Urlachmar, 446CE, the queen mother emerged once more and descended upon the Basin of Life again. The mortals heroically came together to oppose her return, vitally distracting her from a battle that raged for almost a century. Unknown to all, Iosai had been engaged in that constant struggle with the abomination, and the opportunity provided by the mortals on that day allowed Her to recoup enough of Her strength to banish the queen from the First World. While the queen mother of all bugs is gone, Iosai is not, and She has retaken Her place within the Basin of Life as an Anomaly at the service of all its citizens.